January 19, 2022

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Miners use it to mine cryptocurrency

Miners use it to mine cryptocurrency

to Mining cryptocurrencies Powerful computers are used, even though the driver uses it Tesla Model 3. This young YouTuber named Siraj Raval, thanks to his car, earned around $800 per month in 2021.

To be able to mine Cryptocurrency With your Tesla, you used a free bitcoin mining software on your Apple Mac mini M1 and used Tesla battery power. You also had to install the GPU in a file frank From Tesla – the front trunk – connected to the car’s internal battery.

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Although Rafal’s preferred method for mining is to use JavaScript to hack Tesla’s native CPU, which is very powerful. “It’s much faster and more energy efficient,” Raval told CNBC.

Is it worth using Tesla to mine cryptocurrency?

This Tesla driver isn’t the only one who uses his car to mine cryptocurrency. There are other drivers who have also seen in Elon Musk’s vein cars to be able to earn large sums of money. Alejandro de la Torre, who also preferred to hack his car to mine cryptocurrency, told CNBC that everything depends on the price of electricity: “If it is cheaper to do it with an electric car, then so be it.”

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Although knowing whether it is profitable to configure a Tesla for these purposes, you should know when the car was purchased and whether it has a free charge or if you have to pay for it. In the Rafale’s case, he has to pay for it himself and, depending on how he uses it, estimates he spends a maximum of $60 every week and a half.

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Rafale estimates that his Tesla battery runs about 20 hours a day, so he claims that in the worst month he can earn $400 and at best about $800. According to him, they are profitable numbers even if the value of the cryptocurrency drops. Although not all miners who used this method strongly agreed.

Profit margin is very limited

Profit margin is very limited


CNBC is also gathering another user’s testimony, which is less optimistic, from Raval that he has stopped using his Tesla to mine cryptocurrency. Chris Alessi, who can charge his Tesla for free, says that by “working at McDonald’s” you can make more money without having to forcefully use an expensive car. “Did it work? Yes. Was there something worth extracting in order to be profitable in any way? No,” Alessi asserted.

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On the other hand, this kind of practice, which involves circumventing the original Tesla system, will also cause the vehicle to lose its warranty. Therefore, it is a risk to take to earn an amount less than the minimum salary for professionals.

Rafal is confident of what is to come

Although the profit is not much, in addition to the risks made by endangering the car, Rafale believes that in the future, it will be much closer – although this is not the case, as Elon Musk realized – he will be able to make a Tesla Model 3 is self-contained by converting it to robots Freelance while mining cryptocurrency.

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“I will use your earnings, whether from transportation services or crypto-mining services, to pay my own expenses, such as repairs, electricity costs, and upgrades, as well as invest them in a variety of emerging networks for the crypto community,” he assured CNBC.