August 7, 2022

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Marvel Studios will be looking for a famous director for the movie Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios will be looking for a famous director for the movie Fantastic Four

Since it was revealed that John Watts would not be associated with the project, the imminent announcement of the new director of The Magnificent Four It has become one of the most anticipated updates to the future of the Marvel Studios franchise.

However, although the Kevin Feige-led company will continue to work on a reboot of Marvel’s First Family, a new report confirms that It may take some time before announcing who will direct the new amendment For The Fantastic Four’s big screen.

Specifically, reporter Justin Kroll says of Deadline that Marvel Studios will not have a shortlist of candidates and it probably won’t be announced before September 5 (Labor Day).

While it could easily be Marvel’s best (development property), one source says don’t expect it to fill up anytime soon, as they’re nowhere near narrowing down their long list of candidates: “I’d be surprised if the decision was made before Labor Day.” “, Kroll wrote in a tweet.

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But perhaps the most surprising thing about this report is that it seems Marvel Studios will be interested in getting a recognized director for this film. All because apparently Kevin Feige was happy with the little interference he had in the filming of the movie Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

“While no names have emerged, multiple sources say that while this is a great mix of candidates, Feige and the company are trying to use a lot of the big names.”Note Kroll. A source close to the process (says) ‘Kevin does not want to oversee the entire shoot and after not worrying about it with Raimi, he is willing to achieve the same result with this shoot. “

With these presumed considerations, who would you like to direct the reboot of Fantastic Four?

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