January 28, 2022

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Melissa Paredes on Rodrigo Cuba: "We do not have a friendly relationship, only our daughter is friendly"

Melissa Paredes on Rodrigo Cuba: “We do not have a friendly relationship, only our daughter is friendly”

Melissa Paredes explains that she is not Gato Cuba’s girlfriend. (Photo: Latina/Instagram)

Melissa Paredes She made it clear that she is not a friend Rodrigo Cubafather of his daughter. However, he pointed out that They have a friendly relationship for the sake of the little boyA, because you will see them on several occasions together, either at the beginning of classes or take them to one of their workshops.

He also stressed that they are not talking when they are walking with the minor, their intention is only to spend time with the family for the welfare of young Mia.

“Because of Mia we have a friendly relationship. As parents, they will always see us in Mia’s things, in many things we have to share as parents, because we both care about our daughter, but then we don’t have a friendly relationship, only a friendly one”, Melissa Paredes explained.

He also noted that his daughter had not seen them arguing and would not. “We can’t argue, we’re just walking, there are things one keeps,” to explain.

Explains information about his partners

He also took the opportunity to make it clear that there is no provision specifying whether or not they should introduce their partners, as would be expected in a media outlet.

“I just wanted to make a point, there is no agreement, if someone has to introduce someone, there is no clause, there is none. (…) I think we are adults and we know how to present to a couple, a girl does not have to know if she is your partner Or not, she’s your friend.”It is to explain.

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Rodrigo Cuba does not pass my pension

In addition, she stressed that they are both responsible for the expenses of the little girl, explaining that there is no one to support her, as Rodrigo and she share custody of their daughter.

“We split him in the middle of the week, in the middle of the week we have a set schedule (to be with his daughter). We both see food, school and so on. He (Rodrigo) doesn’t give me a pension, I didn’t transfer him a pension, and neither of us took a pension”, explained the young woman, who emphasized that she does not need anyone’s money to support herself, as she has been working since she was 13 years old.

Clarify what is happening in America today

After she indicated that she had not stopped driving, but had been driven away, Giovanna Valcarcel asked her if she was disappointed. Faced with this question, Melissa only chose to remain silent.

“I think yesterday (Monday) there were a lot of headlines, and I respectfully prefer to keep them to myself, and I respect people for or against. Everyone can think what they like. There were some incorrect headlines too, watch the interview (for those who criticize it). I am in a new stage, I am grateful, I understand that there are people for and against, ” Note.

It wasn’t my fault to say I was separated

At another point, she made it clear that she understands that people are for her or against her, because she knows she made a mistake. When asked about her mistake, the actress pointed out: “Not revealing that she wasn’t separated was a big mistake,” he said. “Obviously the fault was, not to say they were separated, I never said I removed something from me (about ampay)”, confined.

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Cuban cat relationship

Melissa Paredes indicated that she did not know that her ex-partner was friends with Ale Venturo, however, after they had an affair, she made it clear that she was not the one to bless her.

“Who am I to give him a blessing, I am no one, this is not my responsibility. Long live love,” he said with a laugh. Of the speed of her fascination, the young woman said: “Love comes like that, spontaneously. It’s not about time, love comes to you all of a sudden.”

Finally, she highlighted that the same situation happened to her, she fell in love from moment to moment. “I’m in love, it’s the truth”, He said.

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