June 23, 2024

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Microsoft plans to launch the next Xbox in 2026

Microsoft plans to launch the next Xbox in 2026

Current gThe console may last longer than expected, or at least for Xbox, Well, apparently Microsoft is already setting it up The next console will go on sale sometime in 2026.

What was previously revealed Kepler_L2 insider and data mine, Which confirmed that the famous 100% cylindrical and digital Xbox series By Microsoft instead they prepare a new controller, Which It will not be a reissue Or the pro version of the series The beginning of the next generation Of consoles which will arrive in 2026 after a short period of time Life is less than the current generation.

On the other side, Jeff Grubb, industry insiderHe also confirmed that the information is legitimate since the new Xbox will be a vehicle playstation 5 pro competition, The console that allegedlyIt will arrive in mid-2025.

Will Microsoft shorten the life of the Xbox Series?

Regularly a generation of Controllers have a lifespan of between 8 and 10 yearsbeing a shorter time, is a warning sign that console sales are not doing well and Examples of this include the WiiU, Which only lasted 4 years on the market before it was released It was replaced by the Nintendo Switch.

Between andFor Xbox 360 and One, Microsoft waited about 8 years To give enough time for your console to shine and do the same It happened with one Leave space 7 years between both devices.

The fact of reducing the life span of Maybe the Xbox Series should do that With the success of the console, since Microsoft has not shared official sales figures for the console, but itIt is estimated that the PS5 has sold many units.

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