December 4, 2023

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Microsoft will remove the Movies & TV app from Windows 11

Microsoft will remove the Movies & TV app from Windows 11

There are many applications that come pre-installed with WindowsEspecially the ones that we end up removing from the operating system as soon as we install Windows because they are so unnecessary that “no one” asked for them. Now, with the latest version of Windows on the Insider Channel, We can see how Microsoft got that message across, at least with its Movies & TV app.

Starting with this release, Microsoft will remove the Movies & TV app from the operating system as a pre-installed app. This means that when we install Windows 11 in 2024, the Movies & TV app will no longer be includedso users who want to use it must first go to the Microsoft Store to download and install it.

Microsoft says the app will remain installed for users who update to the next version, so if we don’t remove it or are even still using it, We’ll be able to continue doing this even when the next update arrives, most likely Sometime in 2024.

The Movies & TV service will remain active, along with the ability to purchase new movies and shows through the Microsoft Store. So we shouldn’t find any changes on this front, even if users of a fresh Windows installation no longer find the application on their hard drive.

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