May 17, 2022

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Miguel Bossi announces the end of the epidemic

Miguel Bossi announces the end of the epidemic

Two weeks ago, in an interview with the Argentine program that bears the name “live with you” with the journalist Viviana Canosa From TV station A24, Miguel BosCause controversy again, because of the statements he made about vaccines, the pandemic and Covid-19.

It all started because the narrative given by governments regarding the epidemic was running out, and with the new variants there is no mortality rate and this does not make sense for him, adding that with vaccines they want to kill people who are in this condition and They already have the trait of the beast and he confirmed that these vaccines are not vaccines, they are just genetic experiments.

Miguel Bosé announces the end of the epidemic

Added translator “Air Soybean” “This is over but new evils are coming, because for them this experience is running out, they will come out of starvation or climate change”, which means that after the epidemic caused by Covid-19 is over, they will continue to change the climate.

Since 2020, Bossi has confirmed that he occasionally uses a mask or face mask and that he has a document that exempts him from using it. On the other hand, he stated that the upper classes are those which possess the power of all mankind, in short they manipulate the masses.

Singer-songwriter added “The government doesn’t protect us, it doesn’t want us, they only care about us when we vote, after that we are hindrances, it’s corruption, manipulation and a disaster”And “I don’t know if this is true or a lie, because everything has been well raised, and that is why we have to confirm the information, we citizens must unite, and the governments only know how to steal from us and forget that we are paying them”“Amante bandido” translator commented.

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