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Mike Crack explains the 'hyper-focus' for Aston Martin's new season

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to There are ten days left until the new AMR-24 is shown, at the Silverstone factory they are still working hard and without making much noise to be able to return. A repeat of the surprise they presented at the beginning of last season. For the first six races, Fernando Alonso's Aston Martin was the only car able to trouble the Red Bulls.

Mike Crack revealed on the official Aston Martin website how to do it Building a “highly focused” team., from being in the lower middle of the classification in the World Constructors' Championship to leading the middle zone for most of the season in just one year. “You have to do your best all the time, and even then, it's no guarantee of success.. The margins are so small that anything less than perfect means you come out on track performing less than you expected. Getting a good result requires everyone in the team to focus 100% on doing their job,” admits the team leader.

With the significant investment made by Lawrence Stroll to make Aston Martin a winning team, expectations for the team are very high, despite finishing ninth in the World Championship just two years ago. The quantum leap with the arrival of big names like Dan Fallows or Eric Blandin did not take long to bear fruit. Last season, Aston Martin managed to climb the podium eight times.

“For a team like ours, which is trying to be at the top, the most important thing is to have a plan.”

Mike Crack, Aston Martin Team Principal

“For a team like ours, which is trying to take another step to consolidate itself in the leading group, the most important thing is to have a plan. Over the past three seasons, we have seen a lot of investment in new facilities, but we do not want to rush this construction phase. Patience is very important, although this is very rare in Formula 1. Creating a winning mentality starts at the top, it is important not to feel too elated when things are going well, nor to worry too much when things are not going well, in which case you should flex your shoulders, lift your chin, and raise your chin. Show an attitude that says we're going to come out of this and fight“, admits the Luxembourgian.

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Deviations during the season

The team leader highlights the importance of emotional stability as a key factor in achieving great results: “It is a sport for sane people who are calm in high-pressure situations. People who are overly stressed are not creative. It's very easy to lose focus in Formula 1 because there are so many distractions. For example, our pit crew sits in the garage and watches the race, which puts them in a completely different frame of mind than they would be if they were isolated from everything going on around them. The best antidote is experience. Series winners have fewer nerves and are less emotional. “They're less distracted by context.”

AMR's new technology campus

“We need to provide the kind of environment that allows people to be innovative. The new AMR Technology Campus has many open spaces and forums to discuss and disseminate ideas, to encourage that, but when people are in the right frame of mind, they are also very likely to think Better in the car. We need to have the best tools and always be on the cutting edge of technologyBut this is a fact. In the coming years, developing the right environment will be a key battleground for the sport.”

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