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Xavi, the musical phenomenon that romanticizes Corrido Tumbado and replaces Peso Pluma on Spotify |  People and lifestyle

Xavi, the musical phenomenon that romanticizes Corrido Tumbado and replaces Peso Pluma on Spotify | People and lifestyle

He learned to play the guitar at the age of 10, composed his first songs at the age of 12, published them at the age of 15, and in January 2024, when he was only 19 years old, Joshua Xavier Gutierrez, known as the One and Only Satan At number one on Spotify's Global Top 50 and at number three on the Billboard Global 200, above 21 Savage and Taylor Swift.

Xavi, the son of Mexican parents, was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up between the state of Sonora in Mexico and the Valley of the Sun, the boy is an enigma and this seems to be the image he wants to project. Little is known about him, as he gives few interviews and posts minimally on social media. He is fluent in English and Spanish, the two languages ​​he combines when speaking in the scattered conversations that spread online. His biggest inspiration in music was his grandfather, who was a singer in a church band. “When he sang, he did it with great emotion, he sang with love for God,” Xavi says in an interview with Billboard magazine.

Through singles and collaborations with Tony Aguilar and Los Dareyes de la Sierra, to name a few, Xavier Gutiérrez has reached the top of the most important music charts in the world. He is the first solo artist to put the lane at number one Satan. Previously, the list was topped by tumbado-type collaborations, e.g She is dancing alone Between the armed link and the featherweight; also img, Song with Natanael Cano, Beso Pluma and Gabito Ballesteros.

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The only album available on platforms is My mom's playlist: Seven covers like Sun rays of manna, Now you can go By Luis Miguel O I don't have more From Selena. The songs his mother used to play in the morning to clean the house served as his alarm clock as well. This is what he said on episode 519 of the Travis Millis Show to which he was invited for being the Supernova Artist of the Month on Apple Music.

Simple drifting away This is his first appearance on his YouTube channel. Visual production is simple: Xavi, 15, sings in slow motion, who looks directly into the camera. The song is a psalm of heartbreak. And if you leave, I don't want you to come back / You've been lost for a long time and you don't deserve me / If you leave, I wish you good luck / Find another fool because I don't deserve it, I want to see you. For the audience to believe in a teenager about a broken heart, about the feeling born in the pit of the stomach from the excitement of love, the interpretation must be perfect. And this is what he did. The video received more than a million views. The victim Put it on the map and Satan It gave him international fame.

Four years passed between publishing his first songs and hitting number one on Spotify. In such a short time and at such a young age, Xavi has not lost his position and is focusing on his family. He still lives in Arizona because his loved ones are there. He does not intend to spend his money on luxury cars or watches, and he says in his comment on the program: “I just want to buy a Canton for my manager.” There is no hair By radio programmer Pepe Garza. The Gutierrez family had a taqueria in Phoenix. Xavi says that they closed their doors, but he did not give more details about this matter, but what he seeks with the success of his music is to help them reopen them. In gratitude, her family wants to name her “La Víctima Taquería,” because of her song. The victimWhich collected 239 million views on Spotify.

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The rapid global rise of Mexican regionalism, led by corridos tumbados, accompanied by the hand of Peso Pluma, was a severe blow to the music industry and the public. the current situation. They saw me go through Rubicon/The Cryptos with it under control, sings the double P like a triumphant cuckoo. Similar to what the Roman general Julius Caesar wrote in a letter addressed to the Roman Senate in 47 BC: “Veni, vidi, vici.” There are 1977 years between one statement and another, two resounding victories in different battles, the victory of Hassan (name Biso Pluma) against reggaeton and Bad Bunny. But now, he faces the new Jalisco star Cesar, who is barely out of his prime. Xavi aims to come, see and win in 2024.

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