April 19, 2024

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Minister Domínguez presents the Navarra Plan to the Regional Health Board to transform the primary care model, adapt demand and improve access

Minister Domínguez presents the Navarra Plan to the Regional Health Board to transform the primary care model, adapt demand and improve access

The Minister of Health, Fernando Domínguez, participated this morning in Madrid in the extraordinary session of the Interregional Council of the National Health System (CISNS), which was held at the Ministry of Health. At the meeting, which looked at the primary care study, one of the agenda items established a set of proposals and lines of action regarding management of professionals, accessibility, demand management, continuity of care and integrated care in primary care.

During his presentation, the Chancellor expressed concern about the situation in primary care because “containing demand, sustaining the system and improving health levels depend on this area.” For this reason, she realized that there was a need for “a profound transformation of the system, taking the primary stage as the main focus, and adapting it to the new health and social reality, characterized by an aging population or an increase in chronic and multiple diseases.” “Sick and chronic patients.” A change that requires, according to Domínguez, the commitment of all concerned “from management, making all the necessary tools available to professionals; from professionals, who are actively involved in the transformation process; and patients, with appropriate use of resources and understanding that they are affected by the problem and an important part of the solution.”

In turn, Counselor Navarra explained what are the main areas that work is being done in the regional community to contain demand and thus improve accessibility: “Clear definition of the new profiles and their functions; development of a strong social and health care model and broad development of the health digitalization strategy.

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Regarding the definition of new profiles, as well as the inclusion of new levels in the computer, such as psychologists or physiotherapists, he stated that “to achieve more efficient care, it is necessary to adapt the activity and characteristics of each team.” Along these lines, pilot projects and new positions have been introduced at all levels (admissions, medicine, nursing, social work) that promote working in interdisciplinary teams and working groups to optimize resources.

In the social and health field, the main goal (home and residential care for patients with a higher level of care and assistance to prevent hospitalization as well) was highlighted and the success of the PAISS project (Integrated Social and Health Care Project) (Health) deploys the necessary teams to serve populations with high social and health needs in Territory. Regarding the digitalization strategy in health, he emphasized telemedicine, with teledermatology a project already underway; The health folder, as a tool to facilitate obtaining appointments, reports, sending documents, administrative procedures, etc. enhancing accessibility of the system; and clinical history, which in Navarra has a high degree of interoperability at all levels.

Managing professionals, the key to transformation

One of the specific points on the agenda was regarding actions related to the management of essential professionals. “It is clear that we would like to have more doctors, but we know that there are none and we consider that with the correct distribution of professionals in Navarra, we are not as bad as other communities,” Fernando Domínguez stated. “We are practical, and measures to find more professionals will have their consequences in the long term, and we have a problem now, in the short term, and that is why we believe it is better to transform the primary care model and adapt the system. Demand, which suits us to allow improved accessibility according So.

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Along these lines, with regard to the management of professionals, Domínguez explained that “in Navarra, work is being done to provide greater stability to professionals, adopt measures that support their employment and improve working conditions.” Among the measures discussed were the call for late OPEs, the development of professional careers, the identification of difficult-to-fill positions, the loyalty of residents, contracts adapted to the needs of each professional and the redistribution of cards to make quotas more equitable. , among other procedures.

At this point, the Chancellor has moved two “urgent” measures that could have positive effects in the short term: enabling the approval procedure for family medicine certificates and bringing forward the end date of the training period this year, if legally possible. of MIRs until June through validation procedures remaining time allowing them to be appointed before the summer. It is an issue that will be evaluated at the next meeting of the Human Resources Committee, as explained by Health Minister Monica García.