June 25, 2022

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Monkeypox: US has 1,200 vaccines to stop outbreaks

Monkeypox: US has 1,200 vaccines to stop outbreaks

The Monkeypox outbreak It has the world on alert due to its rapid spread. The World Health Organization has expressed concern about the cases detected in United Kingdom from 6 May. for these infections Those in the United States, Spain and Portugal have been added.

For their part, US health officials indicated that the country is working to increase the number of tests to closely analyze the disease, as well as continuing to search for possible treatments.

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Raj Panjabi, senior director of biodefense and global health security at the White House said About 1,200 doses of the monkeypox vaccine have been administered in the United States.

This is one of the containment mechanisms that the country has to deal with. The vaccine used is Genos, and it consists of two dosesIt is authorized for the prevention of smallpox and specifically for the prevention of monkeypox.

However, there is another alternative that is also approved in this country which is ACAM2000, Which is also used to treat this disease.

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Health workers in Massachusetts were the first to get the vaccine who treat monkeypox patients and who are in direct and constant contact with the virus.

In Colombia, according to the National Institute of Health (INS), the disease is a POX virus that can be transmitted by many animals, and infections that occur in humans occur precisely when a person enters the animal’s natural habitat.

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So far, no cases have been identified in the country.but the corresponding alerts are kept to follow up on possible infections.

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