May 18, 2024

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More than 11,600 Cubans have applied for asylum in Mexico so far this year

A total of 11,667 Cubans have sought asylum on Mexican soil so far this year and 867 did so during July.

These numbers maintain the island as the second country with the highest number of asylum applications in that country during 2022, after only Honduras, According to the data of the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (gambling).

The numbers of Cuban asylum seekers in July continue the downward trend of the past three months. During June, 1,097 Cubans requested asylum from that country’s immigration authorities.

So far, among all the applications submitted by Cubans so far in years, 1,179 cases have been resolved, of which 618 received a positive response of 52%, according to the official report.

Since the end of April, Cubans have issued asylum applications in Mexico They have exceeded the total number of applicants for all 2021when the island’s 8,270 indigenous people requested this condition from the Mexican government.

The presence of Cubans in Mexico has increased since November 2021 when Nicaragua abolished the visa requirement for residents of the island.

This decision put pressure not only on the Mexican authorities, but also on the border region with the United States, the final destination for most immigrants entering the country.

At the end of July, Mexican immigration authorities They brought back 49 Cubans that they were in an irregular situation in the Aztec country and that their goal was to reach the southern border of the United States.

This week’s group joins 1,459 Cubans repatriated by Mexico since the beginning of this year, according to Interior Ministry (MININT) figures republished by the Cuban News Agency.

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To date, there are 99 air operations between Cuba and Mexico to bring back Cuban citizens who leave legally, mainly via Nicaragua, doing what is popularly known as the “volcanoes route”, with the aim of reaching the southern border of the United States and seeking refuge from the authorities.

Last Sunday, Mexican authorities arrested this Sunday in Oaxaca a 26 Cubans were in irregular immigration status in the country, as reported by the National Institute of Migration (INM).

The arrest took place during an immigration check in the state of Oaxaca, where 84 foreigners were identified: 26 from Cuba, eight from Ecuador, four from Guatemala, six from Nicaragua, four from Venezuela, five from El Salvador, and four from Honduras.

According to information published by the government institution on Twitter, the collection was completed by 22 foreigners “in the family nucleus” and five unaccompanied minors.

Meanwhile, it came out on July 22 19 more Cubans arrested to cross illegally across the country. The migrants were traveling on a bus through the state of Puebla, when they were intercepted by immigration authorities at the San Martin Texmilocan booth.

Several groups of Cuban immigrants are detained weekly trying to cross Mexican territory to reach the border with the United States, while the island is going through its biggest migration crisis in the past six decades.

Cubans are fleeing their country in a structural crisis, marked by inflation, lack of food and medicine, repression, and a general lack of opportunity.

Despite the fact that the illegal entry of Cubans fell for the second month in a row in June, when 16,170 immigrants were registered at points on the southern border of the United States with an application for political asylum, according to official figures, the influx of Cuban immigrants is shocking when it is met for nine months. of the current fiscal year.

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In the last nine months until the beginning of July, 157,339 Cubans arrived by land in the United States, including the northern border strip of the country. Of this total, 155,260 entered from Mexico.