May 20, 2024

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More than 310 dead in Lebanon as a result of the Zionist-Israeli aggression – Rebel Youth

More than 310 dead in Lebanon as a result of the Zionist-Israeli aggression – Rebel Youth

Beirut, April 4. — More than 310 dead and about 100,000 displaced from southern villages confirm the damage caused by the ongoing Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

At the beginning of the government meeting, interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati confirmed that the Tel Aviv attacks also injured nearly a thousand people, and that the biggest disaster occurred in the country's agricultural sector, Prensa Latina reported.

In this sense, the Lebanese Prime Minister announced that 800 hectares were completely destroyed, 340,000 heads of livestock died, and about 75 percent of farmers lost their final source of income.

Mikati spoke about the impact of this on the education sector, noting that at least 75 schools were permanently closed, not to mention the destroyed ones, despite the reconstruction process and the search for sources of funding.

At this stage, he reaffirmed the Lebanese state's commitment to true peace, and called on the international community to condemn the Zionist attacks against the nation.

In this regard, the Supreme Minister called on the United Nations to discourage the Tel Aviv entity from ending its ongoing aggression and restoring peace in the region.

Mikati stressed through the Council of Ministers that Lebanon has friends in all countries of the world who are working honestly to pressure the enemy of Israel to stop its crimes against its national territory.

In this series of messages, he evaluated the contacts and visits conducted by international bodies to find solutions to the presidential crisis as positive.

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In this context, he stressed that the elected President of the Republic is indebted to everyone, and called for dialogue to save the country in light of the power vacuum that has persisted for more than a year and the dangers of prolonging the crisis.