August 14, 2022

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More than 800 health workers have died of COVID-19 in Venezuela

More than 800 health workers have died of COVID-19 in Venezuela

Health workers in Caracas, Venezuela (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernandez Filoria)

A total of eight Venezuelan health workers with COVID-19 criteria died between December 30 and January 31 this pastwith what The total number of deaths in this sector since the beginning of the epidemic has risen to 823This Wednesday the NGO reported United Doctors of Venezuela.

“Report of deceased health workers with COVID-19 criteria. In January, seven deaths were reported, and one on December 30, for a total, over the entire period, 823.”

He was among the dead Five medical surgeonsknown as Angel Rene Borques, Hidalgo Villalobos, and Jose Luis Bacon, from the northwestern state of Zulia, as well as Alirio Arevalo, from Guarico, and Juan Manuel Contreras, from Anzoategui.

List completed nurse Trujillo, better known as Jose Fermin Morales and Two more nurses Angelica Carvajal and Brunelda Baez are called Zulia.

According to the records of the Venezuelan Medical Association, The region with the largest number of dead workers is Zulia with 164It is followed by Caracas with 109, Carabobo with 74, Bolivar with 68, Aragua with 49, Anzoategui with 47 and Lara with 39.

Disinfection tasks in public transport in Caracas (Reuters / Leonardo Fernandez Filória)
Disinfection tasks in public transport in Caracas (Reuters / Leonardo Fernandez Filória)

The rest of the states are recording fewer than 30 deaths per case.

Our reports are based on the latest clinical, epidemiological, radiological and laboratory standards and are not necessarily included in the spokespersons’ reports. The goal is to prevent employees and show failure‘,” the NGO recalled.

the dictator Nicolas Maduro On Tuesday, he confirmed that Venezuela has reached the target of 102% of citizens over the age of 18 who have been vaccinated with the “full dose” against COVID-19, despite He did not explain why the percentage of the total population of legal age exceeded by two percentage points.

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“A year after the vaccination process, today we have reached the target of 102 points, or 102.6%, more precisely, which is vaccination, in the first and second doses in full. Venezuela has vaccinated all its inhabitants,” Maduro said during a meeting with ministers broadcast by the state channel. Venezuelan Television (VTV).

However, data from the World Health Organization (WHO), updated as of February 18, indicates that 14,966,671 Venezuelan citizens have been vaccinated with two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is equivalent to 49.8% of people have the complete proof.

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