April 13, 2024

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More than 90% of the population associates health with food, are you part of them?

More than 90% of the population associates health with food, are you part of them?

In a context characterized by increasing awareness of The importance of health and well-beingA recent study revealed that 96.6% of the Spanish population associates health with adequate nutrition.

These data, obtained from the latest survey conducted by IMOP-BERBĒS, show us the general idea, in Spanish society, about the relationship between what we eat and how we feel.

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Food on scales and weights.



The coincidence in this perception reflects a Shifting towards greater awareness of the importance of choosing a healthy dietWhich shows that Spaniards are adopting more conscious dietary practices, such as prioritizing fruits, vegetables and organic foods, while reducing the consumption of processed foods and sugars. This approach towards A Healthy eating highlights increased adherence With personal and collective well-being.

Priorities are on the table

Awareness of the importance of food to our health is increasing, although surprisingly 70% of respondents do not see this as necessary To change your current diet.

However, one study highlights almost exactly that A third of the population is thinking about modifying their dietPrioritize the consumption of fruits, vegetables, meat and legumes, and show interest in reducing processed foods.

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When analyzing the reasons behind these dietary changes, look for a Better physical fitness is the most common factor, Followed by the desire to lose weight and aspire to better health.

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However, it should be noted that the economic motive only affects a small percentage of cases, which is indicative of this For most Spaniards, health and personal well-being are the main reasons for adjusting their eating habits.

Between scarcity and inflation

On the other hand, the study reveals that approximately Three out of ten respondents had to make adjustments to their shopping cart Because of inflation. This translates into reduced consumption of foods such as fish, meat and oil, as well as reduced purchases of fruits and vegetables.

These changes are more noticeable In certain regions, such as Galicia and MadridA significant decrease in the consumption of certain products was observed due to high prices.

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The results of this survey highlight The importance shown by the Spaniards to eat healthy Regarding your general well-being.

Although most people are aware of this connection, it is clear that there is still room to improve the eating habits of the population. next to, It is important to address the economic challenges that could hinder this Access to nutritious and fresh foods to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy and balanced life.