May 22, 2022

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El show de Márquez acaba con dos caídas y pole de Quartararo

MotoGP: Marquez’s bid ends with two smashes and a starting position for Quartararo

It was very important Q1 of Indonesian Grand Prix what or what Marc Marquez didn’t mind being shot as if the column itself was at stake, Starring in a show of his own that didn’t have a happy ending this time, Because the first collision, which did not prevent him from returning to the circuit, was followed by a second accident that completely eliminated him by starting 15th in tomorrow’s race. Thus, the Repsol Honda rider will close the fifth row too far The first row booked after the second quarter for Fabio Quartararo, Jorge Martin and Johann Zarco.

These three are the ones with the best chance of winning, a priori, the first MotoGP race at the new Mandalika circuit. There is only one clean line at the moment on this runway, and when drivers deviate slightly from that line, it is very easy to lose the front wheel. In addition to Mark, They testified to that in Q1 as well with their crashes Bezzecchi and Mir, Although they only fell once. The eight-time world champion did it for the first time with 6:47 left, and as soon as he got up, he ran toward the service road in search of a scooter that would take him to the box. He got to it in just three minutes, only to get back on his Honda with 3:37 to go. Mark had time to try another lap to win one of the first two places, but found Nakagami, who was slowing him down more than giving him a wheel. He struck with a massive ax and then came down again in turn 12, one before the point where he had fallen before. Without a doubt, it was a negative surprise that he didn’t make it to the second quarter, and it remains to be seen how far his return in the race will take him. In FP3, which he dominated in mixed conditions, he has already shown that he knows how to bypass this circuit.

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Also missing from the last round was Paul Espargaro, who was sixth in Q1 and who ended up on his feet by a miracle, because he was having a terrible dread. Already in the second quarter, surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of history in the fight for first place, with the current champ being at the top of the time table since his first attempt and this time there was no stand-up dance. Only Fabio cut his time and eventually stopped the clock at 1:31.067, the best time of the weekend and close to Paul when he was fastest in the three-day pre-season test.

Martin, who had previously finished first in Qatar, trailed by 0.213 in second place tasted glory. Zarco was separated from his compatriot by 311 parts. The second grade was left for Brad Bender, Bastianini and Bagnaya, Who is the one who led Q1? third for Olivera, Rains (had to jump off the motorcycle at low speed when he saw that Suzuki was on fire) and Miller. And the fourth for Alex (fall), Di Giannantonio (also reached the second quarter of the qualifiers) and Morbidelli, that also fell. And in the back will be Marquez (15), Paul (16), Mir (18), Alex Marquez (19), Maverick (20) and Fernandez (21).

grille output


1. Fabio Quartaro (FRA/YAMAHA) 1: 31.067
two. Jorge Martin (Ducati) 1: 31280
3. Johann Zarco (FRA/Ducati) 1:31,378
four. Brad Bender (RSu/KTM) 1: 31433
5. Ina Bastianini (ETA / Ducati) 1:31504
8. Alex Rains (Suzuki) 1: 31,582
10. Alex Espargaro (April) 1: 31723
fifteen. Marc Marquez (Honda) 1: 31830
16. Paul Espargaro (Honda) 1: 31831
18. Joanne Mir (Suzuki) 1: 31875
19. Alex Marquez (Honda) 1: 31987
twenty. Maverick Villas (April) 1: 32.006
Twenty one. Raul Fernandez (KTM) 1: 32122
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