July 5, 2022

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Myth of Empires prepara sus servidores de temporada, ¿cómo funcionan?

Myth of Empires prepares its seasonal servers, how does it work?

Apparently, Angela will introduce a new way to play”legend of empiresWith the launch in April of its new seasonal servers, dedicated specifically to players who have reached the title during this year. Currently, the game can be downloaded from its launcher since the beginning of March, and its new version has added, among other aspects, ways to improve characters and the possibility of crafting hundreds of different items.

According to the development studio, the servers of the new season will be unlocked with the goal of giving access to all the content available in the survival title. It has been specifically designed for newcomers to the game, adventurers will be able to progress faster, it will be governed by specific new rules and will only apply to these new seasonal servers. In addition, a scoring system has been implemented that will allow you to compete to become the best on the server and a new game mode that offers various rewards.

The new servers are completely independent and not connected to the old servers. On a practical level, this means that characters created here will not be able to mate with characters from previous servers. The marketplace between clans would also be independent and private. In addition, they will have higher multipliers, which means that players will gain experience, produce and collect faster. Eventually, they will get players to level up faster.

However, these lodges have a clear goal: for the player to focus on fighting alongside his clan and trying to conquer the largest number of territories, since they have a point system that records achievements and the development of skills and talents. The fame, participation in matches and even the personal contribution of each player. The total area occupied by the clan or alliance will be converted into points that will be distributed among the players of the clan or alliance. These points can be exchanged in the in-game store for rare items such as tools, medicines, and skill books.

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On the other hand, newcomers will be able to enjoy new PvE and PvP content. For example, new farming tools have been added that will allow you to farm more efficiently. This design update reduces the stress for specialization that adventurers have faced in the past, and will allow players to spend more time on the things that really matter. Also implemented are new furniture, weapons, and a new in-game shop full of cosmetics: new outfits, skins, gestures, expressions, and much more.