December 4, 2023

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NASA astronauts complete a spacewalk to maintain the station

NASA astronauts complete a spacewalk to maintain the station

the Astronauts Subordinate a pot Yasmine Moghbeli and Loral O’Hara completed a spacewalk on Wednesday where they were able to complete one of the two maintenance missions they planned for the spacewalk. International Space Station (ISS) During which I lost my tool bag.

As planned, the two astronauts are members of the stream Mission 70 At the orbiting laboratory, they appeared wearing space suits at 8:05 a.m. EST (12:05 GMT) and began work that took six hours and 42 minutes.

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During the activity, I accidentally lost my tool bag.

In their first spacewalk, Moghbeli, whose suit was marked with red stripes for better identification, and O’Hara succeeded in replacing his suit with red stripes for better identification. Rotating position One of the International Space Station’s solar panels, the piece that allows the panel to remain pointed toward the sun as the station orbits Earth.

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As NASA revealed in a memo Astronauts They took the opportunity to remove the handle and thus prepare the area for future installation of a deployable solar panel, and also “correctly configured a cable that had previously interfered with an outdoor camera.”

Moghbeli and O’Hara didn’t have time for the other task scheduled for the day: removing a box called a radio frequency array from the station’s communications antenna.

according to US Space AgencyHowever, the duo “lifted a few layers of insulation to better evaluate how they would handle the mission” on a future flight.

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“During the activity, A Tool bagNASA stated that flight controllers were able to discover it through the station’s external cameras.

Tools were not necessary for the rest Space walk The loss was not worth taking additional action, since Mission Control analyzed the bag’s path and determined that “the risk of contacting the station again is low and that the crew on board and the space station are safe.”

Today’s mission comes after Russian astronauts Oleg Kononenko and Nikolai Chub last week walked in space for more than Seven hours To check for leaks in the cooling system of the Naúka module of the Russian part of the space station.

During the expedition outside the International Space Station, the two Astronauts “They separated the additional heat exchanger from the external thermal circuits of the Nauka unit, and inspected and photographed the location of the coolant leak,” so that specialists could determine its causes, according to the Russian Roscosmos agency.

the a pot Planning to implement a Walking in the new space In December, although a date has not yet been set, O’Hara will participate again and will be joined by Danish Andreas Mogensen, of the European Space Agency (ESA, in English).

According to the US Space Agency, the purpose of this walk is “to collect samples for analysis and to find out whether microorganisms may exist outside the orbital complex.”


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