April 12, 2024

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NASA's Hubble Telescope Immortalizes an Amazing Cosmic Bridge

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Immortalizes an Amazing Cosmic Bridge

NASA captures how a cosmic bridge of stars, gas and dust unites two galaxies.

The Hubble Space Telescope, despite the fact that it has been in orbit for more than 30 years, is still one of the mainstays that NASA has to obtain information about the universe. Thanks to the availability of modern and effective technology, it was possible to obtain an operational tool all this time. It’s true that James Webb is more technologically interesting, but It continues to do its job despite the passing years. NASA has now released images that have been taken and they are simply amazing.

Have you ever wondered what is known as the Intergalactic Bridge? This is nothing more than the conjunction of two galaxies, a phenomenon captured by the aforementioned telescope. It is important to note that this “bridge” It is made of stars, gas and dust., so it could have been photographed recently. It was NASA itself that published the photo.

specific event At a distance of 200 million light years From Earth, in the constellation Virgo. So let’s see the picture that best defines the recent phenomenon, why it is an experiment that draws attention to the entities involved in the process, and of course, how the representation can be captured.

NASA takes a stunning photo of the constellation Virgo

This cosmic bridge in Arp 248. It is the union of two galaxies across this channel that is made up of stars, gas and dust. Similarly, an additional galaxy can be observed in the vicinity, but the fact is that there is no interaction between the three units. It is important to note that Hubble is able to compress images. In fact, both parties are millions of years apart from each other.

Intergalactic handshake: NASA's Hubble telescope creates a stunning cosmic bridge

The cosmic bridge is located between two galaxies in the constellation Virgo. picture: Container

NASA launched the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit Improving space research technologyBut the fact is that it has become a support in the tasks performed by Hubble. This is the case after checking how the latter managed to obtain it Pictures of two galaxies combined into one. It appears that NASA will, at least for some time, combine the work of both telescopes with the goal of obtaining the largest set of information.

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Well, what created this curious cosmic bridge? In the same way that it occurs on Earth, gravity exists at the limits of the universe. The attraction between the two galaxies was what caused this strange natural phenomenon. The possible fate of both galaxies Integration must be, something that will not happen, however, for many years. You see, there are still many things to discover, which is why telescopes have become one of the most logical alternative uses for NASA.