May 27, 2022

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El abogado del Lincoln: la nueva serie de Netflix con espíritu de drama legal clásico

Netflix series in the spirit of classic legal drama

Since 2005, seven novels responsible for recording biographical and practical Mickey Haller, defense attorney created by Michael Connelly Now coming to flow through Lincoln’s attorney.

New series stamped Netflix This turns judgment (2008), the fourth book starring Haller—the half-brother of the famous detective Harry Bosch—, in Broadcast story 10 radio stations.

Legal drama, with police overtones, created on screen by the series veteran David E Kelly (Chicago HopeAnd Big little liesDeveloped by Ted Humphreythe good Wife), which is set in Los Angeles.

Lincoln Attorney | Netflix

The American city he is moving to Transcript provided by Mexican Manuel Garcia Rulfo to the lawyer created by ConnellyAfter Matthew McConaughey portrayed him in the cinema in the tape defender (2011).

a The look and feel of a character from a TV detective has been more subdued for some yearswho comes to the public months after a surfing accident brought him to the brink of death.

Which led to many surgeries that led to the treatment of pain and from there to addiction. But after rehabilitation, The professional is back even though he doesn’t imagine that his return will be with everything.

Back to legal action

Lincoln Attorney | Netflix

This is because after respected California attorney, Jerry Vincent, is murdered in a parking lot, the judge tells the protagonist that his colleague He left his law firm and his cases as a legacy.

Includes an extensive list of names to defend it Trevor Elliot Christopher Gorhamfounder of the video game company that was Accused of killing his wife and her loverYoga instructor.

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Lincoln Attorney | Netflix

A positive restart for Haller, his assistant and ex-wife Lorna (Becky Newton), but not so much for his first wife Maggie (Nev Campbell) and Detective Sisko (Angus Sampson), who fears he may be targeted by Vincent’s killer.

This is amazing Returns the lawyer to the legal process centeras well as on board one of the Lincoln cars – hence the name of the chain – which serves as his desk as he travels between his law office and the courts.

One last point where the key is His young driver, Eazy (Jazz Raecol)a former addict who had to represent her in one of the many small cases she inherited from Vincent, which complement Elliott’s case.

This is because the defense of the latter is what distinguishes the space novel, Making it slow and repetitive at times, without completely losing its charm as a legal drama old fashion

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