May 22, 2022

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New Business Development Manager New Zealand Business Office

New Business Development Manager New Zealand Business Office

Hernan Jaramillo, Business Development Manager, New Zealand Business Office. Hernான்n Geraillo recently took over as Business Development Manager for Agriculture at the New Zealand Trade Development Office for Chile, Peru and Bolivia, and the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NZTE).

Hernான்n Jaramello is an industrial civil engineer with a degree in artificial intelligence from Columbia University, a global MBA from the University of Chile – and is currently pursuing a management program in Business Advanced Analysis at Hong Kong University.
At the University of Pennsylvania.

He has extensive experience in public-private partnerships and advanced knowledge in advanced analysis, artificial intelligence and international trade. Prior to joining NZTE, he was ProChile’s Business Consultant for the Guangzhou Office in China, Business Development Director for GS & Co, and SAP Project Manager.

As Business Development Manager for the Department of Agriculture, Jeremiah will be responsible for promoting the business and partnerships that New Zealand and Chile have established through more than 50 years of bilateral relations.
Between the two countries. Likewise, with a special focus on the fruits and vegetables and dairy sectors, his experience will allow for advancement in innovation and digital transformation projects.

The International Business Development Agency, a New Zealand trade and organization, supports New Zealand exporters to promote a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy by linking New Zealand businesses to the right partners.
Development in sectors such as mining, retail, health, education and agriculture.

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