June 25, 2022

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Bit2Me launches 'Pokmon Go' for cryptocurrency

Bit2Me launches ‘Pokmon Go’ for cryptocurrency

Liv Ferreira, founder and CEO of Bit2Me.
Salvia Root Santos Conde expansion

The company is making a leap into the metaverse allowing the search for 150,000 units of B2M “utility token”.

There is a new player in metaverse. Spanish company Bit2Me has launched its first major initiative in the virtual world, powered by the B2M utility token, through which users of the OVR platform will be able to search in the real world for up to 150,000 B2M units.

B2M was launched in November 2021 and managed to raise 17.5 million euros. The amount to be added to the 2.5 million obtained in a previous special round. Since last November 1, B2M tokens can be purchased from Bit2Me.

The game, launched by Bit2Me and OVR, faithfully replicates the Pokemon Go model, and will run until March 24 and any European citizen and resident of the European Union can participate.

While searching for a B2M unit, a ranking will be generated where the top 10 participants with the most treasures will receive a fixed reward of $500 in B2M, in addition to all those previously found in the OVR metaverse.

OVR has developed the first detailed 3D map of the real world based on NFT, divided into 1.6 billion hexagons. That is, a virtual version of the planet that integrates the physical world and the real world through augmented reality. It is the most active non-fungible token (NFT) community in the metaverse, with 27,500 owners, and is the largest community of digital landowners.

These owners interact in the community through virtual reality glasses or a “smartphone”. Each parcel belongs to one owner, and each transaction is recorded in the Ethereum “blockchain.”

With this action in the hands of OVR, Bit2Me consolidates itself as a leader among Spanish venture capital firms in the cryptocurrency space. Recognized by the Bank of Spain as a provider of digital currency services, the company founded by Leif Ferreira, the current CEO of the platform, and Andrei Manuel, allows brokerage and management of cryptocurrencies, with a transaction volume of more than 1,100 million euros in 2021.

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