June 28, 2022

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Jane Campion's 'Dog Power' Reigns at Some Emotional BAFTA Awards Dedicating a Comb to Putin |  civilization

Jane Campion’s ‘Dog Power’ Reigns at Some Emotional BAFTA Awards Dedicating a Comb to Putin | civilization

Troy Kotsur, with BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in a CODA Film.Neil Hall (EFE)

dog power by Jane Campionknocked on the table and won the most important BAFTA awards, the British Film Awards, in a ceremony dominated by technology Sand dunesby Denis Villeneuve, who won five awards in which he was disappointed Belfast Written by Kenneth Brana, who turned his six nominations into glory. Throughout the weekend, the Western New Zealand director was also crowned at the DGA (Directors Guild of America Awards) and at the Critic’s Choice, cementing her role as a favourite ahead of the Oscars on March 27.

The drama of Jane Campion, who became the third woman in history to win a BAFTA Award for Best Director (after Chloe Chow, for nomad, and Kathryn Bigelow for pain locker) It shone above the rest, and also won Best Picture of a Night, brilliantly directed by Rebel Wilson. The presenter dedicated a comb to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in one of the most commented moments of the night, which also left some emotional thanks.

Australian actress and comedian handed the baton at a party A commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the James Bond saga Which Shirley Bassey opened with a captivating performance diamond forever, One of the most famous songs from the movie Secret Agent saga. Wilson, who showed off a leg tattoo of Daniel Craig (who left the 007 role after the last installment, No time to die), who destroyed a bun in the face of Benedict Cumberbatch and who even gifted bras to the stands, was an extraordinary host for the Baftas’ return to normalcy after last year’s virtual version. With its red carpet and its public and political claims.

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All the culture that goes with you is waiting for you here.


Rare, surely the moment the world is passing by. There was no mention of Ukraine in the letters, although Prince William, the president of the academy, who did not attend the ceremony but sent a recorded message, wore the Ukrainian flag pin on the lapel of his jacket. They also talked about Ukraine’s Kruchendo Majumdar, director of the academy, and Adam Serkis, who was the most critical of this afternoon regarding the treatment of Ukrainian and Afghan refugees. Addressing the British government, and specifically the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, the actor who played Gollum, who was awarded a BAFTA last year for his exceptional contribution to cinema, said: “Some refugees seem to matter more to us than others.”

It had to be Wilson who raised his voice, delivering one of the night’s best performances, in honor of the movie kuda How does it relate to the lives of people with hearing problems?. “The Displays There will be an interpreter in International Sign Language and British Sign Language,” Pick up Wilson, immediately after giving a comb to the camera: “This sign goes to you, Putin.”

in awards, Sand dunes swept art awards. Denis Villeneuve’s film won awards for Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound and Best Special Effects. Not everyone can match their five masks, but once the level of expectation rises, Sand dunes escalation.

Although Jane Campion couldn’t be at the party, it was her co-stars who took home the awards for both best director and best picture. “I’ve been telling stories for 30 years. Stories of women looking to find their voices, stories of misfits and people who aren’t represented,” said Tanya Segachian, the film’s producer.

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Among those present on stage was sad Cumberbatch, he was won in the Best Actor category by Will Smith, who had not traveled to London and took the mask for his portrayal of the father of the Williams sisters in Williams method. This surprise preceded Johanna Scanlan’s Best Actress bid by defeating Lady Gaga and her Gucci’s house The Norwegian Rinat Rensvi, candidate The worst person in the world.

One of the most emotional moments of the afternoon was the BAFTA for Best British Short Film black cop, article about a black and gay cop who suffered abuse for years on the force. “I have lived for so long as if I did not have the right to be here. The abused police officer, Jamal J Turawa, said in tears.

Best Supporting Actor Award, which fell into the hands of Troy Kotsur, for kuda. Kotsur, who took to the stage with sign language applause from his peers, became the first deaf actor to win a major award in a BAFTASS and could be the first deaf person to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. “If you want the next James Bond to be deaf, I can be,” he joked.

Contrary to the success of its competitors, Belfast It had to earn the award for Best British Film, which went to film director Kenneth Branagh. “Cinema on the big screen comes alive. Thank you for your support, they will have to live together,” said the Northern Ireland director.

While Pedro Almodóvar was left blank, on condition Parallel mothers It didn’t win a BAFTA for Best Foreign Language Film — Went to driving my car From Ryusuke Hamaguchi—, CharmDisney’s Colombian-inspired film directed by Jared Bush and Byron Hoare won Best Animated Feature and is gaining ground at the Academy Awards as it will defend three nominations.

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