July 14, 2024

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New glitch in Metal Gear Solid brings fast runners to life

New glitch in Metal Gear Solid brings fast runners to life

More than two minutes of the route saved

This is exactly what happened to hard lime metal, the original Kojima PlayStation classic that until a few days ago set the world record for a sprint of about 38 minutes in easy mode, which has now been reduced to 36 minutes thanks to a bug that was accidentally discovered by the player. Bubba. Our heroine was broadcasting Metal Gear Solid, and when she set out to complete the communications tower area, she encountered an event she didn’t expect.

right when you reach Level 6 Gate, was attacked by the soldiers of the tower. He saw how Snake managed to break through the door after being shot by his attackers. This displacement of the character allowed him to avoid the helicopter attack scene, which forces the player to climb the entire tower and descend from the wall with a rope to reach the other side reached with the trick discovered by Boba.

Un casual bug

You just have to look at the broadcast video to see that the discovery was completely accidental and involuntary, something that allowed the player to develop the game significantly very quickly. And of course, these details are music to the ears of speed racers.

Research Cabinet

Having become popular on the networks, Boba’s gameplay began to participate in forums and Discord channels of fast racers, who did not hesitate to study the situation in order to understand what exactly happened in front of the door of level 6. The solution was simpler than what happened. To expect, as the attack of the soldiers pushed the serpent back, through the locked door.

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With the secret revealed, there are many who have worked to take advantage of the bug, and there are already many records smashed with this new shortcut. The most interesting thing is that the technique is corrected since the user SolidTony He managed to break through it with the explosion of a grenade that he placed himself, he did not have to wait for the soldiers to attack.

Now it remains only to see if there will be any other door that can take advantage of this trick, because if it exists, the time can be reduced even more. Anyway, who would want to lose 36 minutes of a currently selected game? Metal Gear Solid is a game to enjoy! The fast runners are sure they don’t have the same opinion.