August 8, 2022

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New life for Destruction AllStars on PlayStation Plus

New life for Destruction AllStars on PlayStation Plus

Destroy all stars Shown for the first time in PS5 In early 2021 as one of the first console exclusive games for the next generation of Sony Although it is slightly delayed and has Controversial launch, and will become available at a reduced price shortly after its arrival, in addition to being Available Free for subscribers PSplus within two months. However, the Lucid Games title just couldn’t beat the player numbers, or at least not to the level that was expected. Now, with the launch of the new subscription model for PlayStation Plus with the three different plans (Basic, Extra and Premium), Destruction AllStars intends to offer a complete plan of new content for the coming months, taking advantage of its availability as part of its video game catalog of plans. additional s excellent PSP.

New update loaded with content

Thus, as of June 23, 2022, Destruction AllStars is part of the new feature to offer Extra and Premium plans for the new PlayStation Plus, already available in Spain. Besides being available on Sony’s online service, the title Crazy for Speed ​​and Battle on Wheels releases a good selection of novelties aimed at Activate your gaming community, thus reaching a much wider audience, a goal that goes through expanding its offer and playing styles, as well as offering a lot of unprecedented aesthetic rewards. And all this through the first three events that will be available this summer: rise ofAnd the union s Survival.

And so, starting from June 22, new events begin, whose duration will be six weeks It will be full of new content that will be constantly updated. In addition, new Destruction AllStars events will always be accompanied by a new game mode and so-called all star bass, is a seasonal pass that unlocks rewards and cosmetic coins to customize our AllStars. On the other hand, these events will present rotating challenges With more rewards in the form of cosmetic perks, experience and coins. The first three events to reach Destruction AllStars begin June 22 (The ascent is already underway), August 10 for the union and September 28 for survival.

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Ascension, Destruction AllStars’ first main event

rise of The first major event for Destruction AllStars is Rise, the debut of this new org chart that started just over a month ago and is already offering all of its cosmetic rewards exclusive to the game community. All this through the new game mode known as high shot, a new team mode that forces its players to think quickly on foot and behind the wheel, all in order to achieve the highest possible result for the team. But other than the new game modes, the creators of Destruction AllStars have also worked on improving the title base and the different game modes that are already known.

A good example of this is the new model of competitive seasons applied to it raids, the classic competitive mode of Destruction AllStars. But what do these improvements translate into? To get started, new rating system Which better tracks players’ ability to match them with others of the same level. Exclusive rewards for Blitz Champions have also been added so that players can show off their exploits in the rest of the competition. The remastered Blitz is available on weekends during six-week seasons.

Thank you veteran players

Obviously, with the availability of Destruction AllStars in the new PlayStation Plus (Extra and Premium), it will attract a large number of gamers to suggest it. That’s why they created this from Lucid Games New roadmap which was already applied several weeks ago. But they also wanted to thank the support of Destruction AllStars’ most veteran gamers, that is, those who have played or played the title since its launch or accepted its new approach as part of the renewed PlayStation online service. This is why regular Destruction AllStars players prior to the arrival of the new PS Plus were already able to enjoy Founders’ Pack Exclusively with unique cosmetic additives that will test skill and expertise.

Founders Pack Contents

  • all star bass
  • Weekly content
  • New character appearances
  • New profile pictures and banners
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However, let’s remember that in January of this year, Destruction AllStars received a file important correction It did nothing more than enhance the gaming experience by revising many parameters of the game, from the collision engine to connectivity and scores, as well as improving the visual aspect of the game with new effects and more care, as well as Completely renewed interface. Although one of the most important aspects that directly affects the gameplay of Destruction AllStars is the possibility that AllStars will be able to double jump any time.

There is no doubt that Lucid Games is working hard to improve the multiplayer arcade game by constantly working on updates, improvements and new content. This was recently acknowledged by their official channels: “We have been working a lot on the game based on feedback and conversations with our players over the past few months,” and they realized just days after it was available as part of the game catalog PS Plus Extra s PS Plus Premium. “A bumpy start, and now we’re still getting started. We are still determined to keep moving forward and there is still a lot to come!” officials recently concluded.

New life for Destruction AllStars on PlayStation Plus

With this message, those responsible for Destruction AllStars also celebrated the arrival of the new game mode – the already mentioned – High Shot, a type of team game where each group of players must collect the highest score possible by destroying opponents while one of them is the one holding it. mechanical piece Once they’ve collected a good handful of points, jump through the center ring to pass the baton to another player on the team.

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Although we must not forget the classic patterns of Destruction AllStars with carnivalwhere you collect as many points as possible by hitting enemies, Autorunwith hits that drop coins to check their health into the center of the stage before they are destroyed, stocka kind of classic “capture the flag” with objectives to collect, and the networkA small-scale battle royale in which the last one standing in a constantly destructive environment wins. Finally, we have the classic mode Arcadian and the way Date Where new chapters are opened, both for single player. Which is that the story mode receives a new episode for Tw! nkleR10t’s known as cat and mouseLike the rest of the new modes already mentioned, it’s already available.

New life for Destruction AllStars on PlayStation Plus

Rushing into the future

The destruction of AllStars continues Improve and broaden your horizons over time and renovated The approach coincides with its availability as part of the catalog of games PS Plus Extra s PS Plus PremiumThe new PlayStation Plus subscription plans, along with PS Plus Essential, aren’t available at the latter. Although its hybrid approach – halfway between free to play and a paid game – remains quirky, with game modes that come and go, chapters of story mode that can be purchased with real money or through special game currencies and a matchmaking system with plenty of room for improvement, there isn’t much room for improvement. Doubt Destruction AllStars has become, now, a A very different experience To the original from early 2021. for good.