May 18, 2024

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They found three possible causes of childhood hepatitis

They found three possible causes of childhood hepatitis


It is highly unlikely that Covid had anything to do with this disease, but confinement may have been affected, as the children had not developed their own autoimmune system for a while.

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  • health The number of hepatitis cases in children of unknown origin has exceeded 1,000
  • health Rare hepatitis in children: symptoms and theories about its origin and cases in the world

It is possible that a group of scientists have found a file Explanation to Childhood hepatitis Which severely affected some children around the world. Two teams of researchers, one in London and the other in Glasgow, reached the same conclusion about the origin of this disease and ruled out that Corona virus disease It had something to do with his development.

Three causes were detected: two viruses and one gene

After analyzing cases Children infected with hepatitis in childhood I discovered that the youngsters were simultaneously infected with two viruses: a adenoviruses o HHV6 (a common virus that usually causes colds and an upset stomach) and a AAV2 . virus Which usually do not cause disease on their own, but by attacking the body with the adenovirus it shows symptoms. In addition, they discovered that the minors analyzed were not only positive for these two viruses, but also had a specific type of gene that make them vulnerable to acute hepatitis.

This is a genetic variant present in eight cases (of the nine cases examined by one of the two studies), and only present in 15.6% of the general population. Therefore, although the first two virus Very common, concerned the development of Childhood acute hepatitis It’s still weird.

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closing effect

It is estimated that more than 1,000 children, many under the age of five, have been affected by this Lever Inflammation Seriously in at least 35 passes. Some – including 12 in the UK – have even needed a liver transplant to save their lives.

Scientists They ruled out any relationship between this disease and vaccines against Covid or with the SARS-Cov-2 virus itself. However, the closures taxes owed to Corona Virus that may have influenced the development of this Lever Inflammation. According to these two investigations, in these periods of confinement, the children, who could not go to school or meet with other children, had not developed immunity against common diseases such as those. adenoviruses. So when the restrictions were lifted, the viruses started spreading freely and suddenly, the young ones (without immunity before) a large number of new infections.

In any case, these studies have limitations. A key factor is that they analyzed very small samples (in one of them 28 cases and in the other, nine) and that they correlate factors without clearly causing disease. However, they have been praised by the scientific community, which considers them important for the development of future lines of research.

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