June 23, 2024

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New skateboard.  It’s still a long way from release, but the developers have revealed their mechanics and intentions

New skateboard. It’s still a long way from release, but the developers have revealed their mechanics and intentions

full circlethe development studio formed by veterans from previous installments of the Electronic Arts saga subscriber More details on skating. In a new chapter of Meeting Roomand the comprehensive videos they’ve been posting for a year that were posted Play Unpublished. In this episode they confirm that they are creating a file A fun experience for veterans and novicesYes, they have detailed additional scams and the way they are picked, many more details which we share below.

The Vancouver studio says it’s working on a video game It represents the freedom of self-expression and the choices inherent in it skiing accident”. In this, new mechanisms that allow new tricks are essential; some of them WallisAnd whistlingAnd Boned AlliesAnd face tricks variable speed f Hold twists. They are just a few of them, as they constantly guarantee it They will do more to increase “creative freedom”.

They explain that these tricks are chosen because of their passion for them skiing: They watch videos of the sport and wonder how these tricks are presented in the video game, while thinking of different ways to make it. Once they decide, they have a file Motion capture studio performed by the actors, then fed into the title, transforming again and again as they were refined.

The creators are handling the development of the title that It is still in prealpha stateso they are Introducing the “most dangerous systems” first, those that were not In the previous skiingand polishing them to perfection, something they achieve with the help of the players participating in the test Insiders.

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These tests also help them “maintain a level of balance at both ends of the skill range; for both advanced players and new players”. The goal is presentation Realistic mechanics while maintaining the “chaos, fun and physics” for which the epic is famous. Also, they try to “tune the controls” so that when performing the task, the player feels like they are doing it.

skating.  prealpha

Finally, there is the new game scenario: City St. van Amsterdam. So far, players who have managed to make it to the test have skated through a stage that will not be in the final. Although the city is by no means finished, it is taking shape and promises to deliver an experience skiing Straighter: There will be space to perform tricks even on the rooftops.

Get it on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Mobile for free

skating. He doesn’t have it Release date, though flag is still valid prealphaWe’ll have to wait. Being a free game with microtransactions it will not affect the gameplay. If the plans haven’t changed since July last year, they will be fired PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices. Players can register to access the closed test here.