October 26, 2021

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New World managed to cross 1 million players on its first day, becoming a huge hit for Amazon

The road was tough, but finally Amazon Games Successfully launched a game. As confirmed by the company through Twitter, it is widely promising new world He passed the 1 million player mark on the same day he left.

New World surpassed 1 million players on its first dayNow it remains to be seen if he will be able to maintain them, or even increase that number even further. At the moment, the title has become a real phenomenon on Twitch, reaching 286,221 concurrent viewers right now, which is outperforming some of the platform’s biggest titles, such as Maine Craft.

Today comes the first part of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs, the new Minecraft update

The title has also established itself as the biggest premiere of the entire year on Steam, well ahead of Valheim, which has so far enjoyed being the biggest premiere on the Valve platform so far in 2021.

New World managed to cross 1 million players on its first day, becoming a huge hit for Amazon

We are glad that Amazon Games was finally able to successfully launch a game, after all the issues they have faced so far. New World is available exclusively for Microsoft Windows, and according to the developers, There are no plans for it to reach consoles “in the near future”..


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