July 1, 2022

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New Zealand announces military intelligence assistance to Ukraine |  World |  D.W.

New Zealand announces military intelligence assistance to Ukraine | World | D.W.

“Over the next three months we will send nine members of the New Zealand Defense Force to the UK and Belgium to support our partners in intelligence and coordination work,” the New Zealand president said in a statement. At the same time it shares unclassified intelligence information with its European allies.

In the UK, seven troops will support “intelligence work in the war in Ukraine” and the rest of the world, and one will serve as a permanent joint headquarters. Meanwhile, in Belgium, Artern said someone would join the New Zealand Defense Coordinating Office for NATO.

Immortal military aid and sanctions

Last week, the New Zealand government announced it was sending non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, the first attempt by a maritime country to include humanitarian aid and a temporary reception program for relatives of Ukrainians. Those who live in the sea country.

In addition, the Wellington executive has applied sanctions against 460 individuals and companies in Russia, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, after a new law came into force this month that would allow the country to impose sanctions.

“We know that global sanctions have made it difficult for the Russian regime to finance its war. Artern.

Law to ban Russia

Until the recent approval of so-called law to ban Russia, New Zealand law only allowed the implementation of sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, where Russia has a veto right.

On February 25, New Zealand announced that it was already imposing sanctions on Russia and suspending bilateral ministerial consultations indefinitely.

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