June 21, 2024

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Attack on a train in Nigeria, but no casualties among its passengers

ABUJA, March 29 (Prince Latina) Unidentified armed elements attacked a train in Nigeria that was carrying about a thousand passengers with explosives and light weapons, with no casualties reported today.

The accident occurred at 9:00 pm local time, against a convoy that covered the road between Abuja, the country’s capital, and Kaduna (Northwest) city.

Reports from authorities and travelers said the attack took place near the town of Regana, where they detonated an explosive device placed on the track to force an arrest and then fired at cars and attempted to get in.

Passengers asked for help through social media for security forces who arrived at the scene and repelled the attackers.

The Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs of Kaduna, Samuel Arwan, said in a statement that the security forces had ensured the safety of the train that left Abuja and was detained by terrorists.

Without providing further details, Arwan said that efforts are being made to evacuate the passengers from the scene of the accident and take the injured to hospitals to receive urgent medical care.

Likewise, it is not known whether some travelers were kidnapped by the attackers, as it is one of the modus operandi of armed extremist groups operating in the north and center of the country, including Boko Haram and its offshoot, the Islamic State in Africa. western.

So far, a rail journey has been safer than a road trip to Kaduna, indicating the strengthening of operations of Islamic groups in the continent’s most populous nation, which has a population of 206 million.

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This incident came two days after heavily armed militants stormed Kaduna Airport, killing a security guard and temporarily disrupting air traffic.

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