May 19, 2022

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Google Play se actualiza en abril: estas son las novedades

Google Play is updated in April: News

up one New google play updatea new version that brings some news and improvements that the user will be able to enjoy soon as soon as the update becomes available, so let’s find out what is new it has to offer.

You will enjoy all the news that we will tell you as long as you install the new version of Google Play, that is, you will have to Update the current version of the Google Play Store to the new versionIf there is an update available, it will be installed on your phone.

It’s a simple and quick procedure that we have already told you sometimes, it usually updates automatically, but you can force manual update of Google Play Store To see all the improvements and updates that have been added.

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Here is a list of the new things you’ll find once you update:

  1. Gameplay improvements while downloading: The Play-as-you-download functionality is greatly improved which reduces waiting times for downloading apps while the user is enjoying their favorite games.
  2. Play Plas and playing points: The new update adds new features for users who use these sections of Google Play.

In addition, some have also been added Google Play billing improvementsin the Google Play Protect section, which keeps your device completely secure when downloading apps and a series of improvements to make downloads faster and more reliable.

Otherwise, we have another Various internal improvements and bug fixesStability and performance improvements allow the Google Play Store to work perfectly on any Android device, all available with the new April update.

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You must have already Google Play Store Update On your Android device, be it a tablet or mobile, update it as soon as possible to take advantage of all the news and improvements, but if not, wait a few days and try again.

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