July 14, 2024

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New Zealand: Auckland is limited to fighting British diversity

New Zealand: Auckland is limited to fighting British diversity

Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern has been sentenced to 72 hours in prison after three cases were found in the same family in the northern island’s big city.

Schools and non-essential businesses were closed Monday morning, and residents are barred from leaving the city unless there is a compelling reason.

The Department of Health says research has established that a variant of the corona virus that originated in Great Britain is present in two patients. The results of third-party tests are not yet known.

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These results support the decision to act quickly and efficiently to detect and prevent the risk of new pollution.“, Said the ministry.

Authorities noted that none of the tests carried out at this stage on the relatives of the three patients were positive, which gives hope that the prison will be lifted quickly.

But they still do not know how this variant came to the archipelago, which seems to have completely eradicated the virus.

The positive three individuals are a father, mother and daughter. The woman works for a company that provides linen and food for international flights.

Chief Health Officer Ashley Bloomfield said the investigation initially focused on the companyDue to its apparent contact with foreigners“.

But he added: “Very soon to rule out any infection“, Emphasizes that eight days have passed between the last day of work of the unclean woman and her positive test.

The streets of Auckland were completely deserted on Monday, and heavy rains helped encourage people to get out.

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However, there was a crowd at the test centers. Motorists line up at police checkpoints to try to get out of the city.

Australia has its “.Bubble“Travel with New Zealand for a locked period.

This is the first control in almost six months in New Zealand, which has been praised overseas as a country in response to the epidemic.

The Prime Minister’s Office has announced that the first batch of the corona virus vaccine, 60,000 doses, has arrived.

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Border guards and individuals working in isolated centers will first receive the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine starting Saturday.



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