May 27, 2024

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The hedgehog, a malicious species, wants to get rid of that country

Oceania is rich in invasive species, which are harmful to biodiversity and are imported by Western settlers. This is the condition of the rabbit, Chat, Fox or camel in Australia. Their New Zealand neighbors are also on their side Declared war on the hedgehog, Especially turbulent mammals.

The country has set a goal to come by itself At the end of the species in a year, On 2,300 hectares of the McKenzie Basin in the heart of the South Island. According to the New Zealand site Subject, Related International Mail, This eradication project is to be launched in July, which could be developed elsewhere in the country.

To the north, is the municipality of Auckland The hedgehog is listed as a harmful creature, Like opium or rat. “They really are The most destructive predators And we need to get rid of pests completely, “said Tim Lovecrew, a researcher with the City Council TVNZ channel.

Threat to Native Species

First, the New Zealand Except for a few bats, no mammals were counted. Therefore, “the population of its birds is suitable for this purpose, and some, like the kiwi, do not fly to the ground or build nests”, Guardian. Suffice it to explain this observation Massacre is different Imported species By immigrants, Including hedgehog.

Spike ball, not only attacking other creatures that do not come forward to defend themselves against it Steal food from other animals. This is the situation for Kiwi, the symbolic bird of New Zealand, from which the hedgehog does not hesitate to steal insects. It also attacks its eggs.

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