June 16, 2024

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Rugby: The Ultrad team is “interested” in sponsoring the New Zealand jersey

The powerful construction company is already a jersey sponsor of XV de France. Its chairman, Mohd Ultrod, reaffirms the interest and ongoing negotiations for the All-Blocks band. The discussions, for the time being, do not fully satisfy the Montpellier Club boss.

Revealed by our colleagues on Monday 5th April Olympic noonThe Ultroad team, which has been sponsoring France XV’s jersey since 2018, has expressed interest in making a name for itself in the costume of three world champions, New Zealand All-Blacks.

“Negotiations are underway,” its chairman Mohd Ultrad confirmed to the website Team. But “nothing done” provokes the current boss of the Montpellier Rugby Club.

Later this year, All Blocks announced their major sponsor, the US insurance company AIG. So the New Zealand Rugby Federation has started looking for a new partner.

“We do not want to buy All-Blocks”

“All Blacks have been the best in the world of rugby for a long time. We are interested, it’s true. But to date nothing has been done. We can not say that the Ultroad team will be the next jersey sponsor. All Blocks”, details Mohd Ultrod.

“Negotiations are going on. We do not want to buy All Blocks, be sponsors. We are doing business with the AIG as we are currently doing with the French team. We do not want to get involved in this. Intervene in management or impose any ban,” he said. .

Aldrod “in response” to France XV’s jersey sponsorship

If Mohamed Aldrod aims to show his name and the name of his construction company on the body of the rugby stars of Antibodies, he says it will not be at any cost: “I was not at the forefront of the negotiations, I handed this over to one of my sales managers. But in the proposed contract, there are some things that are relevant, others may be less The price works in a significant way because the amounts before and after the epidemic are no longer the same. “

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The New Zealand Federation, which is in talks to inject an investment fund into its capital, has signed a multi-million dollar funding agreement with AIG since 2012.

“We are thinking about our deal with the French team. It has never been seen to have the same sponsorship of the two major rugby nations. Is it fair for both teams to make efforts and focus on one? Then what kind of concession should be confiscated?” Asks Mohd Ultrod.