August 7, 2022

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New Zealand forces health workers and teachers to be vaccinated against Govt-19

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New Zealand announced Monday that most health workers and teachers will not be able to work unless they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

“We can not give up anything, that’s why we make it mandatory,” said Chris Hipkins, the minister responsible for the fight against the corona virus and head of education.

Physicians, nurses and other health workers in direct contact with patients should be fully vaccinated before December 1st. Teachers who are in contact with students must have received both doses by January 1st.

The Royal College of General Coaches of New Zealand supported the initiative and its chairman, Samantha Morton, called the move “bold but necessary.”

“The vaccine is our best tool to protect against infection and disease,” he said.

For several months, the archipelago was protected from the plague, mainly due to austerity measures at the borders. But the appearance of the most pervasive delta variant in Auckland in August changed the situation.

Despite control measures, Govt-19 is spreading to neighboring provinces of Northland and Waikato.

Last week, Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern acknowledged that the “Zero Govt” strategy currently in place at the archipelago had not stopped the virus from spreading.

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