May 16, 2022

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New Zealand proud of victory over Govt and gathers 50,000 at a concert

New Zealand proud of victory over Govt and gathers 50,000 at a concert

With other parts of the world locked up to deal with the second or third wave of corona virus infections, New Zealand, one of the countries that has best controlled the corona virus, is showing its successful health strategy and uniting tens of thousands of participants. A stadium in which, according to its organizers, it was the largest concert ever held since the outbreak began.

According to local media reports, more than 50,000 people turned out for the local band Six’s concert over the weekend at Eden Park, Auckland and New Zealand’s largest stadium, where other artists such as Jesse B and Dave Dobin sold out. , Troy Kingi, Mimova and the Drox Project also participated.

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The show, which featured massive pyrotechnics and aired live across various South Pacific countries, closed its borders, another demonstration of New Zealand’s success in combating Covit-19, without the need for social exclusion or masks. Strict testing and diagnostic protocols.

“Our city showed the world this week that in the midst of a global epidemic, Auckland can live closer to normalcy,” city mayor Bill Koff said in a statement.

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In January, it received permission from authorities to hold up to six concerts a year at Eden Park Stadium, despite strong opposition from residents. This weekend is the first concert the New Zealand band will hold at the venue.

Photo: A.P.

Since the outbreak began in 2020, New Zealand has recorded only about 2,600 corona virus cases and 26 deaths in its territory, leading the so-called Bloomberg Coward Regression Rankings.

Despite this, the closure of its borders has severely affected the country’s tourism sector, which is why it has recently opened up the possibility of going directly to or from Australia directly without isolation. In that sense, the recitation of Six 60 was read as a way to promote tourism and, at least for the time being, to demonstrate that a normal life is approaching in the midst of planetary epidemics.

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