May 19, 2022

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pueblo mapuche en Chile

Before the Mapuche conflict, the Chilean president calls for respect for the law

The President added before leaving for Argentina on his first state visit that our government’s commitment is to turn the tide, although this will not be resolved overnight.

Boric assured the Argentine media that he will continue “on the path of dialogue” regarding the situation of violence in the so-called Greater Southern Region, the latest incident of which caused the burning of 16 homes in the central Biobio region.

“Those who think violence is the way to solve something, I tell them they are wrong,” he added of the treatment of these communities, which include Araucanía, Los Rios and Los Lagos.

The president acknowledged that managing this problem is “extremely complex, and perhaps one of the most complex challenges we face as a nation”.

The ruler realized that the Mapuche people were a political struggle drawn from public order. He said, “The violence in the territory is not from three weeks ago, but dates back to 1860 onwards.”

According to Borek, it would be naive to seek to resolve the conflict with a declaration of goodwill.

“We have to explore all avenues,” he said, including “coordination between Chile and Argentina to seek solutions and confront this in a peaceful way,” but – he stressed – “respect for territorial sovereignty.”

The president’s remarks came on the heels of those of the Presidential delegate to the Biobio region, Daniela Dresdner, who also called for dialogue in the face of Friday’s attack, which set fire to 15 homes.

We think this is the solution. “This does not detract from filing complaints in cases we consider necessary,” added the official responsible for the attack near the city of Kontulmo by about 40 masked men.

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The official stressed that the state must provide security, as well as social investment, while this Sunday the executive authority analyzed possible measures to address the situation.

The interior minister said in a statement that the first official reaction after the attack was to review the current situation of the victims “to give them a quick solution to their needs”.

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