December 4, 2021

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New Zealand was able to fight the corona virus but not against inflation

New Zealand was able to fight the corona virus but not against inflation

In June 2020, When International spread From Govit-19 Disaster in most countries New Zealand I reached the unthinkable: no new victims were registered. It took him to the forefront of the world and although undefeated did not last long, the country still With low levels of infection and death, the corona virus was able to control the outbreak.

But he could not InfiltrateIt rose the fastest in 10 years in the third quarter And analysts reinforce those challenges The central bank will continue to raise interest rates.

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Currency rise and bond yields hit a three-year high after data showed Annual inflation rose to 4.9% in the second quarter from 3.3%. Indic Hoi Bloomberg.

Economists 4.2% is expected. Consumer price up 2.2% over the previous three months, according to the Statistics Office in Wellington today. New Zealand, The average rating exceeded 1.5%.

The annual inflation rate is the highest since 2011, Prices were driven by an increase in the goods and services tax at the end of 2010.

New Zealand were not defeated but two tourists completed the zero corona

The Statistics Office noted The 2.2% quarterly increase is the largest since the fourth quarter of 2010. Excluding periods affected by tax increases on goods and services, This is the largest movement since 1987. Evaluation.

The price increase was generalized from 10 of the 11 groups The key components of the consumer price index basket increased quarterly.

There were key drivers Housing related expenses such as building new houses and fees Local authorities, the company added.

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