June 23, 2024

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Two policemen in Brazil will stand trial for slum death

Two policemen in Brazil will stand trial for slum death

BRASILIA, Oct 18 (Prinsa Latina) Rio de Janeiro justice has accepted the complaint against two Brazilian policemen for the death of a citizen during an operation in the Jacarisinho favela that killed 28 people in May, it was reported today.

According to the G1 news portal, officers Douglas de Lucina Peixoto and Anderson Silvera are the first suspects in the deadliest policing in state history.

According to the indictment, De Lucena Peixoto committed murder and procedural fraud, and Silveira committed fraud.

Judge Elizabeth Machado ordered the withdrawal of the two operations of the Special Resources Coordinator (CORE) for the Civil Police and banned them from conducting any activity in Jacarisinho.

In addition, according to the judge, the two agents could not contact any witness in the case.

Machado also responded to a request from the Rio Public Ministry (MPRJ) and demanded that the investigation into Omar Pereira da Silva’s death at the capital’s homicide police station be informed with prosecutors of the Special Group investigating homicides, within a maximum time period of 24 hours.

In the complaint, MPRJ noted that the two civilian police officers had hired third parties to falsify evidence at the crime scene.

This document obtained by G1 confirms that the two agents received support from other people to plant a grenade at the place where Pereira da Silva was executed.

The text reads: “The third persons not yet sufficiently identified in the file, jointly with defendants Douglas and Anderson, deceptively devised the place of death by police intervention, to insert a grenade.”

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Upon reporting the incident to the police station, the men in uniform announced that the suspect had thrown a grenade at them before he was killed. De Lucena admits on the record that he was the one who shot Pereira da Silva.

As for the prosecutors, there was no legitimate defense of the clients because the evidence obtained by the prosecution indicated that the man, without weapons, was surrounded and shot in the foot.

Similarly, the victim was hit in the left side of the torso and there are “traces of shots at close range”.

In a nine-hour raid on the community, 28 people were killed: 27 men who, according to the police, were “all criminals,” as well as a civilian police officer.

Witnesses reported that many of the victims were executed when they had already surrendered, which would have happened in the case of Pereira da Silva.

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