December 3, 2021

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What is the game about selling land for 10 US dollars

What is the game about selling land for 10 US dollars

Option to invest in it Cryptocurrency In recent months, it has come to a point that attracts not only industry professionals but also hobbyists who seek to dominate the market and own their money in a way that was not possible before.

This is how it came about coding countryAnd A continent belonging to the metaverse of the world of Thron, placed under NFT Technology and BlockChain.

It appears inside 3D game mode with which players and investors will interact. The game is based on technology Epic Gamesand created using the Real Engine, hyperrealism is the star when it comes to 3D.

“It is a digital game where there are two parties, the investor who buys his land, and the player who interacts and makes the value of that property grow. The business will always depend on two parties,” he explains. Giovanni Caroglio, promoter of the project.

Each piece has a value that is assigned according to its location.

In order to be “Krypton”, investors have to buy their own land or plots, which have a certain price Pre-sale until February 2022.

“The fact of renting also has some additional risk, and therefore, it doesn’t make sense to invest a lot to earn a little from this month after month, which is why we created a solution, within a 3D real estate game.”

Cities of CryptoCountry

This digital world is based on the environment of 30 cities, each of which With different capitalization properties.

Land values ​​start at $10 Bitcoin city, Ethereum City $25, Turin $50, Tron $100, Tresor Most expensive $150.

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“The idea was born out of the real estate world: in the area in general you have to make a big investment in order to get a return on investment in the future in terms of rentals,” says Giovanni,

Investors will be part of the krypton community and will have Access to purchase NFT packages With furniture, trees, adorable animals and many other items, to put them inside the ground and equip the house.

Cryptocurrency-based games are the most popular.  Photo by AFP

Cryptocurrency-based games are the most popular. Photo by AFP

The goal is that Each property increases its value and location In the platform market, so that later we can work and trade with other users.

In December of this year, the corresponding NFTs will be delivered to those who have purchased their plots and a map of the land will be available. As of the first quarter of 2021, the NFTs market was launched, along with the 3D game, initially containing a desktop version and then a mobile version for the middle of the year.

Investors They have no knowledge of finance, so they advise throughout the buying process. Every month they will be able to generate return capital in the future: today they invest between ten and twenty-five dollars, depending on which city they buy their property in and they will be able to earn more than 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000% in dollars.”

The company behind the initiative is We are Capital, a fintech company from Mendoza with global expectations, seeking to reach $15 billion in the next five years.

“With CriptoCountry we want to give the opportunity for anyone in the region, and in the future anywhere in the world, to make an investment, and thus be able to gain economic benefit in the months and/or years ahead.”

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who ventures in vault world It does not invest in the real world, it invests in a digital world, and in this sense, more can be earned by leaving the traditional economic system and breaking the scheme, in order to have a better quality of life,” concludes the CEO.