May 21, 2024

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New Zealand wins final against France and Fiji stuns bronze |  எருக்பியா

New Zealand wins final against France and Fiji stuns bronze | எருக்பியா

The New Zealand players celebrate the gold medal after the final against France. (Greg Baker / AFP)

New Zealand and France are two favorites to reach the final because they met at the World Cup final in San Francisco (USA) three years ago, where the New Zealanders also won.

This Saturday ‘Black Ferns’ gave them an advantage when both teams scored next to the Dyla Nathan-Wong flag, until the last move of the first half, with the scores of both Michael Blight and Caroline Druin. Will not drop until the end and will increase even in the second half (26-12).

The first semi-final seemed like a walk for the New Zealand players, but Fiji is responding, after going ahead for most of the match, they forced extra time into the reading of Solokovitti with the clock at zero. Viniana Rivai failed at the change that gave her success.

In extra time, playing under the ‘Golden Point’ formula, the best version of New Zealand was seen, which moved the Oval two minutes after Gail Proton’s victory test (24-19).

France had less difficulty in eliminating Great Britain because they quickly put the distance on the scoreboard by Seraphine Okemba and Sicily Siophony. Jasmine Joyce, author of two scores (26-19).

Fiji’s surprising journey as a team that did not qualify for the semi – finals of the international round ended with a bronze medal after the consolation final, in which they dominated the English from the rehearsal of Aloysius Nakosi in the first minute. -12).