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New Zealand’s sports industry takes center stage at Aotearoa’s largest sports development conference

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New Zealand’s gaming industry is growing as a major contributor to the country’s economy, along with agriculture, forestry and tourism. Wellington recently hosted Aotearoa’s largest gaming convention, where game developers showcased their latest innovations and bridged the gap between reality and virtual reality.

The conference brought together hundreds of developers, allowing them to share ideas and make new connections in the industry. Gaming is one of the fastest growing technology sectors in New Zealand and is expected to generate more than $1 trillion by 2026. In fact, the gaming industry’s annual revenue is already over $407 million, more than the wool industry. Additionally, the gaming industry offers well-paying jobs that attract professionals from various fields.

John O’Reilly, founder of Flightless Game Studios, highlighted the industry’s remarkable growth. He emphasized that the quality of games produced in New Zealand had improved significantly over the years, attracting more people to the industry. Additionally, statistics show that gaming is popular among New Zealanders, with 74 percent saying they play video games and 48 percent of those being women.

The future of gaming in Aotearoa looks bright. With its renowned vocational education programs, New Zealand is well positioned to nurture talent and innovation in the sports industry. As the industry continues to grow, it is poised to make greater contributions to the country’s economy and position itself as one of New Zealand’s most lucrative sectors.

– Newshub (credit to Newshub for original article)

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