June 21, 2024

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The scariest, most stressful horror film that Lovecraft would ever pay tribute to already has a release date

The scariest, most stressful horror film that Lovecraft would ever pay tribute to already has a release date

The horror genre is a bottomless pit into which endless projects can fit, and best of all, both the most expensive and the cheapest can put a before-and-after in the middle thanks to the incredible diversity of subgenres and scares that can be captured. on the screen. From France comes dear Joyless Noir (“Dark Faces”) A film barely 100 minutes long that would give even the best novelists and authors of the genre goosebumps.. Before introducing the project in more depth, we leave you with the promo for the film, which will premiere on November 29 in theaters.

The trailer for Gueules Noires is the most we’ve seen since Ryan Reynolds’ Buried

The film tells the story of “a group of miners who have to take a professor underground with them, to take samples for measurements. After a landslide prevents them from climbing back up, they discover a crypt belonging to another time, and unknowingly awaken a bloodthirsty creature.” Written and directed by Matteo Torre, a film director specializing in this genre and with published projects under his name hostile, the tube Or short films like Sons of Anarchy, The film is steeped in influences ranging from Lovecraft himself and his monstrous horrors to more tangible works. how As on earth as in hell Or private The Blair Witch Project.

Gueules Noires hits theaters on November 29.

Joyless Noir The film stars Samuel Le Bihan, Amir Abulgasem and Thomas Solliver, and it has not yet been confirmed that it will be shown in cinemas in France. but, We hope that it will also end up arriving on our territory, perhaps in the same November or directly for streaming Through some platforms in the future. To warm up your engines, we also recommend taking a look at other feature films such as God’s madnesswhich achieved great success at the Sitges Festival, No descent also cachewhich also flirts with monsters and claustrophobia.

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