November 30, 2023

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Your family makes the decision

Your family makes the decision

02/09/2023 at 17:17


The artist retired from the stage in 2021

The artist suffers from movement problems

Concepcion Velasco Varona, commonly known as concha velasco, She is a famous Spanish artist and TV presenter, who has marked the before and after in the world of entertainment. for him Charisma and dedication to his profession They made her into a very respectable and likable character.

for him 83 years old, He participated in More than 70 films, more than 30 plays, more than 15 series and more than 20 TV shows. Not only that, but “La Chica Yeyé” also had time to devote herself to music. Over the yearsHe released several albums In which he showed his vocal talent.

Concha Velasco He retired from the stage in 2021. After the epidemic. The artist made this decision after she saw that her body had weakened and was confirmed Mobility problems. For a year now, translator He lives in a dorm, Every day he receives visits from his relatives.

Manuel, Concha’s son stated a few days ago that he appreciates the love and expressions of affection towards his mother, and explained that “It remains stable, within its precise general condition.”

Now, Manuel has confirmed this to El Español “He can’t take it anymore, he’s exhausted and at his limit.” He decided to appoint A The new family spokesman To report your mother’s health condition: Veteran journalist at heart A friend of the Velasco family, whose name is not yet known.

This decision was made because of all… “He spread false and biased information about his mother’s health.” The media reported that the son of the translator “He just wants peace for his mother; “I hope this news, which causes nothing but pain, and most of which lacks truth, will stop once and for all.”

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