April 22, 2024

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No party without gifts: Netflix celebrates 10 years of fans in Latin America |  # We are fans |  Anime, manga and video game news

No party without gifts: Netflix celebrates 10 years of fans in Latin America | # We are fans | Anime, manga and video game news

How about the entire MultiAnime band!

This time we tell you that Netflix She is going to celebrate her 10 years in Latin America and that is why she is going to celebrate her fans. All details below:

Can you believe that 10 years ago we first met in Latin America? We do not. You passed faster than the marathon Squid game. we sang Bella ChowWe were fascinated with knowledge Who killed Sarah?, we overcame a food war as Ceviche and Tlayuda almost unleashed a diplomatic crisis…

Today is the time to celebrate our first decade together and show that we #love your company. We celebrate the fans who stayed up to see us, who learned all the dialogue, who used us as an excuse to find a partner, or even those who stole their password from their ex for 10 years. And as in every respected party there are gifts, we share how we will celebrate:

manak todum
As part of the gratitude we want to express to our followers for these 10 years of fans, we’ve created “Tudum Almanac”, a pop culture compendium of the true heroes of every Netflix series or movie: you, our fans.
And as #SomosFans of our fans, we will be distributing 50,000 free copies across the country, ENTER tudumalmanaque.com From October 29. request for you!

Netflix has the gift of the decade: 10 years of Netflix for 10 fans
Starting at 10:00 AM today, October 28 and for 10 hours, Netflix will reward fans with the most fans in Latin America. We’re giving 10 fans in the region 10 years of Netflix for free! There will be a new challenge every hour, and the first fans to complete each challenge will get the prize (one different winner per challenge). Challenges will occur on Instagram accounts (Tweet embed) & Twitter (Tweet embed) Straight. Local Instagram accounts in Argentina (Tweet embed) and Mexico (Tweet embedShe will also have surprises and gifts for her followers.

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We honor most fans
Fans have taken the off-screen excitement of their favorite movies and series: Themed Weddings Stealing moneyFans who reimagined the intro Weird things They made Paranormal Cumbia, and even named their kids and/or dogs after our iconic characters and more. We honor all these stories that have become a part of fans’ lives through them is the video who can Descargar or repost on your networks (InstagramAnd Facebook social networking siteAnd Twitter)

Thank you for being part of Netflix’s first decade in Latin America #SomosFans

About Netflix
Netflix is ​​the world’s leading entertainment streaming service. Present in over 190 countries, its 214 million paying subscribers enjoy series, documentaries, and feature films in a variety of genres and in different languages. Netflix subscribers can watch the series and movies they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, and on any screen connected to the Internet. They can also play, pause, or continue to have fun, all without ads or commitments to stay.

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