May 17, 2022

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Lexus UX 2023

Now a hybrid, with more technology and equipment

UX Lexus 2023 Updated. Now only a hybrid, with the latest ADAS infotainment technology, plus a host of chassis upgrades.

Japanese brand Lexus little update User Experience. right Now Hybrid onlywith the latest infotainment system and ADAS technology, Along with the new F Sport Design and Handling packages. It also received a number of chassis upgrades.

In addition, the brand added 20 welding points on the body of the small SUV, increasing its size structural rigidity and re-calibrate both power steering Like a shock absorber. Thanks to this, the car provides a more precise driving experience, better steering response and improved handling.

In fact, it contains a file New range of flat tires 18″ Bridgestone to reduce noise and vibration. As for the New infotainment systemincludes a standard 8-inch or optional 12.3-inch touchscreen.

Lexus UX 2023

UX Lexus 2023: News

However, the model received a higher and new accuracy Communication features which features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also integrates a file voice assistant Subscription to connected services is available.

In addition, it has a slightly redesigned center console with Much more cargo spaceLighting valve Shining, 2 USB charging ports And delete the old touchpad, as well as the infotainment controls in the central tunnel.

Regarding ADAS, the SUV has Safety System Lexus + 2.5 Optimizer, which is also in the file NX. Comes as standard with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Turning speed controlEnhanced emergency steering, lane tracking and pre-collision assistance.

Lexus UX 2023

Lexus UX 2023


Key piece of information, users who make a decision about F-Sport Design Kit You’ll get an all-new body-color livery on the wheel arches, a 18 inch new wheelsdifferent grille pattern, F sport fenders, black sunroof.

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Inside, the F Sport Handling has With footrestAluminum pedals and skid plates, along with F Sport-branded seats, steering wheel and gear lever. It includes chassis upgrades With Active Variable Suspension and Performance Dampers.

Depending on the brand, New comment setting It provides more comfort and quiet driving, as well as better steering response. In terms of engine options, the only option for the US market is UX250h.

Lexus UX 2023

Lexus UX 2023

This mechanical scheme combines a 2.0L engine and Two AWD Electric Motorsto the combined strength of 181 hp. Its sales will start at the end of June and pricing will be announced shortly before its launch.

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