June 23, 2024

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NVIDIA CMP 170HX Filmed for Ethereum Mining

NVIDIA CMP 170HX Filmed for Ethereum Mining

A few months ago, NVIDIA introduced CMP graphics cards dedicated exclusively to mining. right Now NVIDIA CMP 170HX Graphics Card which will have a completely passive heatsink design.

New NVIDIA CMP 170HX Graphics Card Revealed for Crypto Mining

For those who do not know NVIDIA CMP (Cryptographic Mining Processors) They are customized solutions for cryptocurrency mining. These graphics cards feature It has no video output and has other limitations. Which means that it cannot be used for games or other similar applications.

Featured graphics card is The NVIDIA CMP 170HX is based on the GA100 . GPU (Ampere @ 7nm architecture) Manufactured by TSMC. Silicon GA100 is used in current NVIDIA A100 accelerators. It’s not a new GPU, it will be sIt is illegal that it was not capable of accelerators because they had some flaws.

The NVIDIA CMP 170HX has a total Colors 4480 Coda, which represents about 54% of the CUDAs a full GA100 GPU owns. NVIDIA A100 accelerators have two variants in terms of VRAM, with the model counting 40 GB and another 80 GB of HMB2E memory. For NVIDIA CMP 170HX only HBM2E 8GB With a bandwidth of 1.5 terabytes / s. According to GPU-Z, this graphics card runs at a The base frequency is 1140MHz and can go up to 1410MHz in boost mode.

The company wanted to ensure (as with all content management software) that it could not be used for gaming or research. It should be noted that data center accelerators and the like are much more expensive than facility management software. They did it in this group of products Limiting the PCIe interface to version 1 which only allows four PCIe lanes, even though it’s actually x16. By doing this limitation, if it is used for heavy tasks, a bottleneck is created, which is not the case with Ethereum mining.

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potencia ethereum nvidia cmp 170hx

Specific solution for cryptocurrency mining

This graphics card is based on a BIOS version from July 28 that does not support memory overclocking. Something that limits other mining improvements, such as tuning voltages and increasing frequencies. Note that this chart presents such a good performance of Ethereum mining because bandwidth is very important.

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Graphics card powered by Ethash algorithm delivers up to 164MH/s power without optimizations. Since some capabilities were limited, it would be difficult to improve performance. Another problem we can find is its cooling, since it is completely passive.

For this graphics card, we will need to create a good airflow with additional fans. Many professional miners, although the graphics have good heat sinks, install 120mm fans to generate good airflow. What we need to know about this graphics card is its price, which, given its power, will not be economical.

What about an NVIDIA CMP 170HX graphics card dedicated to mining Ethereum?