June 21, 2024

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Olympic Games / Hockey

Olympic Games / Hockey

‘Redsticks’ complicate the quarterfinals

Spain conceded their first defeat at the Olympics in an irregular match against New Zealand

Madrid, 25 July. (Europa Press) –

The Spanish men’s field hockey team conceded its first defeat at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this Sunday.

Spain, ranked ninth in the world, could not adjust the first day’s draw against Argentina and succumbed to New Zealand’s impetus on the second day of the Olympics, despite being present at several stages of the competition.

The Fred Soyuz-led team are fifth in their group and are now out of the quarterfinals with three rounds remaining in the starting line-up. It is a start they do not want and if they do not want to say goodbye to the appointment they should straighten out against India.

Spain started down on the scoreboard, several limits in circulation and a few shots towards the maritime target. The New Zealanders went on to score 0-1 with Jenness’s superb goal as he hit the ball very hard. ‘Redsticks’ reacted to Quick Gonzalez’s rejection, but New Zealand responded again.

The game is a standard ‘tour’ from which the ‘audience’ came out better. Spain 1-2 conceded an unfortunate action and then they boosted their enthusiasm in terms of good play, control at the center of the field and performance in the final meter. The third quarter made me believe that success was possible.

Pav Quimata scored 2-0 – from the penalty corner – and Mark Bolde put the Spanish side ahead 6 and a half minutes. However, everything was ruined when New Zealand drew (3-3) and it seemed that the victory could end in the hands of Spain.

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But not only did Spain’s second game end in points, it ended in defeat after Jack Smith left the frozen ‘Redsticks’ with a fantastic blow rather than mortgaging their future. The third match in Tokyo will be against India and Soyuz ‘students will not be disappointed if they want to dream of a quarterfinal match.


– Results: Spain, 3 – New Zealand, 4 (1-2, half time).


Spain: Quico Cortes (b); Alonso, Romeo, Salles, Telis, Gonzalez, Alegre, Oliva, Leonard, Ruiz, Quimata-early grandfathers; Sanchez, Iglesias, Pierre, Pastorra and Bolta.

Nua Ziland: Howard (b); Led, Rose, Smith, Lane, Panchia, Woods, Russell, Tarant, Findlay, McAllez – an official – Jennus, Inglis, Muir, Edwards Wilson.


0-1, min 13. Gennes.

1-1, min 26. Quick González.

1-2, min 27, torrent.

2-2, min 31, burned.

3-2, min 39, bolt.

3-3, Minuto 48, Russell.

3-4, min 57, Smith.

– Notes: Hong Zhen Lim (SIN) and Adam Gears (AUS).

– FIELD: Hockey Stadium Oi.