June 23, 2024

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Acura unveils the new NSX and prepares for the return of the Integra

Acura unveils the new NSX and prepares for the return of the Integra

Finally, Acura released its new version of the NSX, of which I showed some pictures a few days ago. It’s no news for fans of this Japanese brand that the model is about to say goodbye at the end of 2022, but what’s fitting is the way it’s going to do it, putting the cherry on the cake. the Acura NSX Type-S. It will be the definitive version of this sports car and also the most powerful ever. This news accompanies a return Acura Integra After 15 years of absence, which was one of the most beloved cars of the luxury brand Honda.

big says goodbye

Before the NSX model was pulled directly off the market, Acura decided it would have to give it the honour it deserved, and as a farewell it implemented a series of updates that complement and in many ways improve upon those it had two years ago.

Now in the front part, the splitter, in the roof and running boards and of course, in the rear spoiler, components have been integrated carbon fiber, while inheriting from NSX GT3 The rear diffuser used on the racing model.

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A good amount of detailing in the bodywork complements what’s hidden underneath, on the mechanical side, as the demand for the occasion was high, and the same was done with the 3.5-liter bi-turbo V6, which has three electric generators and this version offers 27 extra horsepower for a total of 608 horsepower and 491 pound-feet of torque.

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Back to the scene

The legendary Acura Integra will appear in the form of a car.”Compacto PremiumIn 2022, announced by the brand in Car Week en Monterey, California.

This comeback coincides with the NSX’s exit from the market, and while it’s not the replacement some would expect, it satisfies many who nostalgically recall the latest version of this sports car.

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John IkedaAcura, Vice President and CEO of Acura described it with the same DNA as the original, with a fun driving spirit and high standards of design and performance.

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