March 3, 2024

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The new Leaked Moon Knight trailer reveals an exciting action scene

The new Leaked Moon Knight trailer reveals an exciting action scene

Marvel Studios is crafting an exciting future with its new movies and series. after success WandaVision – 95%And The Hawk and the Winter Soldier – 97% NS Loki – 96%And Kevin Feige under development moon knight Recordings have already begun in Hungary. The first trailer of the set was released a few hours ago and it’s absolutely gorgeous, an ambitious leaked preview of what lies ahead. We’re about to witness the journey of a hero we’ve never seen before inside the MCU.

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moon knight, known in Spanish as Caballero Luna, is a character from the Marvel comics, a superhero that hit the pages in 1975 and has been consistent ever since. Mark Spector, by his original name, is an excellent combat fighter, an amazing athlete with a great mastery in weapons that are considered traditional. Marvel Studios has already started filming and Oscar Isaac present in the group.

The scene filtered across social networks shows us what appears to be the series’ protagonist in the middle of an action jump, possibly a double. The set in Budapest is entirely dedicated to developing the new adventure and fans are eager to meet the new characters Kevin Feige He was preparing for them, a relentless warrior fighting for justice. You can watch the clip below:

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Oscar Isaac It has already shone together with The Walt Disney Company in star Wars. The 42-year-old actor joined the sequel trilogy as Poe Dameron, a cunning and reckless resistance pilot who battles the #1. Although the character has a wonderful future in Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 92%Subsequent deliveries reduce its impact and may have done much more than expected. In any case, Dameron remains an excellent proponent of Star Wars, that part of the saga that glorifies human characters who don’t need power-ups to excel.

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Disney knows they have a big star in Oscar Isaac which is why Marvel Studios has been quick to find him in search of the star in moon knight. The actor is quite excited about his new project and hopes to talk more about it in the future; Remember that it is currently in the shooting stage and silence should be critical to avoid unleashing any kind of spoilers. What impact will Moon Knight have on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel Studios’ next project is Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsThe movie will be released in theaters on September 3. This title will serve as a kind of experiment to test the dominance of Disney films at the box office without having to put them on live broadcasts, he said. Pop Network. Simo Liu, the movie star, took the CEO’s words very poorly, declaring through Twitter that the headline is nothing like “We’re not an experiment. We’re the underdogs. The underdogs. We’re the ones who break it. We’re the celebration of culture and joy that will last after a turbulent year. We’re the surprise.” “. It is clear that Pop Network Seeing things from a business point of view, however, Liu advocated Asian-American representation. On the other hand, some actually think so Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings It will not have the expected effect, we’ll see.

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