May 23, 2022

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On Tuesday, the city will witness a milestone

On Tuesday, the city will witness a milestone

The District Public Health Secretariat will have new tools that will allow it to ensure the quality of service in the city.

This Tuesday (03.29.2022), the Cali Public Health Secretariat will receive the powers it confers as the first agency for the mayor’s office to take on special district responsibilities, a historic leap for the city.

From next April 1, the authority will have greater administrative and governance independence; new capabilities to penalize service providers who do not comply with the rule; Direct transfer of resources by the Ministry of Health and more possibilities to ensure high-quality health to Kalinos and Kalinias.

We will have greater capacity in relationships with the various actors in the health system. We will be able to empower institutions, granting them permits to operate, as well as the possibility of imposing penalties when they do not meet the requirements and quality necessary to provide health services,” explained the region’s Minister of Public Health, Mierlandi Torres Agredo.

According to the official, this shift will allow the local health authority to further coordinate and regulate the financial portion, manage resources that go directly to the EPS of the subsidized system operating in the city and access others at the national level for public health.

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“We expect resources of more than or less than 120 billion dollars annually, depending on the projects, and to finance the supported system,” he said.

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Finally, he said, the new powers will allow for the strengthening of the biennial plan for investment in health, management of infrastructure projects and endowments that improve the dissolution capacity of public health institutions, in particular the low-complexity social enterprises of the state-ESE.

The official ceremony will take place starting at 6 pm Farallones room at the Intercontinental It will be attended by the Mayor of Cali, Jorge Ivan Ospina; Governor of Valle del Cauca, Clara Luz Roldan; Deputy Minister of Public Health and Service Delivery, Germane Escobar; the Ministers of Public Health of Cali and Wadi, respectively, Marylandi Torres Agredo and Maria Cristina Lessmis; In addition to members of the Council of Ministers of the region, representatives of the health sector, academia, institutions, community leaders and other actors in the system.

step by step process…
The Law 1933 of 2018 It established Santiago de Cali as a Special, Sports, Cultural, Tourist, Commercial and Services District, giving the capital of Valle del Cauca the powers, tools and resources that give it greater autonomy to promote the overall development of the territory.

Although the Council has not yet approved the draft agreement for the territorial reorganization of the city, the agencies of the Cali Mayor’s Office have begun to promote the relevant procedures before the national entities, with the purpose of taking over the tasks and responsibilities gradually they will acquire. The total transformation process can take several years.

Marylandi Torres Agredo – District Public Health Secretary

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Regional Communications Secretary for Public Health

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